Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bar Tip of the Day...

Your quest for a hot girl in a gogo bar tonight comes down to facts and figures. For example: Age? Height? Weight? Breast size? And most importantly the amount of cash that you’re willing to spend!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bangkok university students caught selling sex on LINE app

BANGKOK:-- Bangkok police conducted a sting operation and arrested four "ladies of the day" in their mid-20’s yesterday for selling sex through the Line messaging service. They were part of a service of some 50 girls, many of them university students, selling sex through the internet, reports Daily News. Police who had become aware of the members only service contacted four women and arranged to meet them at a Chaeng Wattana hotel promising 8,000 baht a head. The girls showed up and were promptly arrested. 

Named only as Miss Nat, Miss Amy, Miss Cherry and Miss Nor the girls are aged between 25 and 26. They were on the books of a group called 'Be Model' that introduced sexy students to customers for a 2,000 baht membership fee.

One of the girls said that she was a student at a famous university "in the suburbs" without being more specific. "I was invited to join by the owner of the group " she said. "There are about fifty girls working and most of them are students who need money like me." The girls were taken to the station to be processed on charges of selling sex.

Commentary: 8,000 baht short time to meet a mid 20's Bangkok university student at a hotel on top of the 2,000 baht membership fee? Damn! Even the freelancer prices are getting out of control in Thailand!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Video of Bangkok's Redlight Districts - GoGo Bars - Dancers and Ladyboys..

Bungling paragliding operator crashes into sun loungers on Koh Larn

Pattaya One News reports that a bungling paragliding operator was caught on camera crashing into a row of sun loungers on Koh Larn. The man had taken up an Indian tourist for a flight around the bay on the popular island near Pattaya. But as they began their descent the operator began veering towards a pole with speakers and lights and power lines. Taking action to avoid a disaster, the paragliding ”professional” guided the device and his passenger away from the pole – straight into a row of umbrellas.
Footage taken by reporters – who had no difficultly capturing the lax safety during a brief visit – shows the group plough into a sun bed where a woman was laying down. They also damaged the umbrellas.
In a second crash also filmed on the same day, a paragliding operator lands straight on top of somebody sunbathing on the sand on the same beach.

Holiday in the Bangkok Hilton for Swiss Tourists…

Pattaya One News: A Swiss couple that appear to have stolen a Thai man’s brand new laptop on CCTV at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport will reportedly be spending Christmas in jail. In the clip, aired on Thai Channel 3, Anna Michaela Grob, 56, of Switzerland, appears to remove a new laptop from its box and conceal it with her jacket before walking away with her husband, identified as Romano, 61, when the Thai owner stepped away from his belongings. When the Thai man, identified as Pasawat Jansuphap, returned to his things, he found only an empty box, so he filed a police report.
The event allegedly happened in October, when the couple arrived in the country. However, they were not arrested until they came back to the airport to board a flight home on Nov. 24. They were recognized by airport staff from the CCTV clip, Post Today reported. The couple were charged with theft in an airport, reported to have a value of THB40,000.
They couple allegedly denied the theft but confessed after the police found the computer in their possession and showed them the cip of the theft.
Thai Visa reported that the couple spoke to Swiss media and called the incident “stupid” and were upset that they would be spending the holidays in jail since their court date won’t be until at least Jan. 11.
If they are found guilty, the punishment could be a five-year jail term and/or a maximum fine of THB10,000.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Bar Tip of the Day...

To get the most bang for your thang you’ve got to be like a woodpecker when partying after hours tonight. In other words, you’ve got to tap a lot of ho’s before the sun comes up!

Thai tourism minister tearful after PM boots her out..

ThaiVisa reports that sacked Tourism and Sports minister Kobkarn Wattanavarangul has gone online with a two page letter after PM Prayut tossed her out in his cabinet reshuffle.. But late last week she was in floods of tears when reporters suggested she was history but now the news is confirmed she posted on her official page in a hand written letter with the tagline: "Su Su Su na kha!" (Fight on! OK!) In the letter she speaks of her "valuable" 3 years bringing the public, government and private tourism sectors together. She says how she raised revenue and increased tourists' daily expenditure. In her farewell letter, Khun Kobkarn did not mention her stated aim to dismantle the sex industry that figured in the news of July 2016 or her oft stated desire to stop accidents on boats.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has now replaced her with Chulalongkorn University and Harvard educated Weerasak Kowsurat.

Commentary: No doubt several gogo bar managers in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket will be getting together to throw a party when they read this news!

Miami Club - Full Moon Party - Dec. 2nd - Walking Street - Pattaya..

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Swiss Tourist attacked by Thai teenager in Pattaya..

Pattaya One News reports that a Swiss man suffers a nasty head injury after being attacked by a Thai teenager with a wooden pole, before making his getaway on his motorbike. At around 4am on November 26th, Pattaya police were called to Soi 16 on Pattaya Second Road after getting reports of an attack on a male tourist. Arriving at the scene they found the 55 year old Swiss victim, Mr Andreas Lechner, who was still bleeding excessively from a head wound. Paramedics arrived shortly to attend to the victim at the scene before he was taken away to a local hospital for further checkups. His injuries are said to be serious, but not life threatening.
Police took a statement from an eye witness at the scene, who told them that the victim had approached his shop to order a kebab. As he was waiting, a teenager pulled up on a motorbike with an excessively loud exhaust blaring. The victim asked him to switch the bike off as he was simply sat waiting and making a lot of unnecessary noise.
After the teen refused, the victim made his way up to the bike and turned the key to switch off the engine. The teen reacted by throwing a few soft punches, shouting a bit of abuse before driving off.
It was minutes later though, that he reappeared with a piece of wood.
He ran up to the victim and began striking him around the head several times, before making his getaway for the second time and final time.
Police were called immediately by the kebab shop owner.

Commentary: Bad move on the Swiss tourist’s part going over and switching off the engine on the Thai teen’s motorbike. At that point it’s just going to be game on. It doesn’t mean that he deserved his head cracked like an egg but it was still a bad move all the same. Not your country.  The noisy motorbike might be annoying but best to smile and just ignore it. Better than sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and getting your head bashed in the process!

Broke and Unemployed American Complains He Can’t Afford Dowry and 2 Water Buffalo’s for Young Thai Girlfriend’s Parents.

 NextShark reports that a 48-year-old American divorcee, who is reportedly homeless and broke, captured the heart of a Thai woman half his age, albeit at a price he might not be able to afford in the long run. The story of David Toborowsky and Chanoknat Angel Suwan was recently featured in the episode “Welcome to Real Life” of the TLC reality show about international romances called “90 Day Fiance”. David had just lost his job, house, and recently recovered from a stroke when he went to Thailand in 2016, hoping to rebuild his life with a new romantic adventure. There, he met Annie, a 24-year-old bar singer who would soon be his fiancĂ©e. According to people, the couple got engaged after dating for only 10 days. “She is 24 years old, but the mindset she puts me in or makes me feel is I don’t feel like a 48-year-old,” David was quoted as saying. “She’s an amazing woman who makes me feel like I already hit the lottery.” Little did David know that in order to get Annie’s parents’ approval, he would have to honor certain Thai traditions, which he claimed would eventually eat up the rest of his savings. 

Aside from giving Annie’s family $1,500 as dowry, David also had to buy two water buffalos as a gift for Annie’s parents. Annie was hoping to live in comfort with her husband-to-be and she’s a little surprised that David isn’t as rich as she’d imagined. She also wondered if moving to the U.S. with David is still a good idea as she was concerned about his lack of financial resources. “I just don’t understand why you’re 48 but you still don’t have anything. You still don’t have anything,” Annie told David.

The groom-to-be was even shown seeking help from his American friends, Chris and Nikki, when he was preparing to take Annie back to America with him. The couple agreed to temporarily allow David and Annie to live with them in their home in the U.S.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Bangkok Police hunting foreign ass slapper on Sukhumvit…

Pattaya One News: “This random man thinks it’s all fun and games to slap random women’s ass. This has to stop,” said one of several women assaulted last week on Sukhumvit Soi 13 in Bangkok outside the Live Lounge BKK. A foreign man walked determinedly down the street with a large bag of beer, and in the words of a woman he violated, “slapped the ass of every woman he passed.”

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Angeles City After Hours: Go Hard or Go Home - A Sex Vacation

All about one bar mongers all night partying and wild sexual adventures with 20 year old Filipino bar girls, models, cherry girls and several sets of sisters while enjoying threesomes and overall pretty much off the wall sex with a variety of sex toys from dusk till dawn. 

Let's face it guys do you really want to live until you're 85 years old, have dementia and then flat line into a bowl of oatmeal at the nursing home or do you want to "go hard" with a sexy 20 year old bar girl riding you on top until your heart pops like a balloon? I know which one I'd choose. Go Hard or Go Home!

Read it today! 


1: Arrival in Clark from Seoul
2: First Night in Angeles City
3: Bikini Model & Me
4: Sexy Bad Bitch in a T-back Bikini
5: Pegged by a Bisexual Babe
6: Blow Job Virgin
7: Rockstar Status
8: Perimeter Road Bars
9: Chose 1 out of 3 – Poor Choice
10: Bar Hopping & Settling on the Waitress
11: Crushed by a Bar Girl Stampede
12: Daytime Routine
13: Pre-Cum. Tastes Like Ice Cream. (I Lied)
14: Threesome Fun with a Blow Job Virgin
15: Treating the Ladyboys to some Bling
16: Sweet Cherry & Her Sister too!
17: Saturday Bikini Contest
18: Tomboy Girls 1st Anal Fun
19: Quest for a Bikini Contestant Model
20: Dancer wants Husband
21: Sexy Door Girl at 3:30am
22: Eight is Enough
23: Two Pairs of Sisters
24: Four More Girls = 16 in 48 Hours
25: Last Day: Going Hard & Going Home

The complete trip report for newbies can be downloaded as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.