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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Chinese tour guide boss has gold necklace stolen in Pattaya

Pattaya One News reports that at around 12:30am on April 24th, Pattaya police were called to a crime scene where a leading Chinese tour boss had been the victim of a theft. The incident took place on on Phet Trakul Road, Nong Prue. The victim Tao Yingjie, 34, was riding on the back of a motorbike taxi when he heard a second motorbike following them too closely.
Before he had time to react, he felt a tug on his gold necklace. He turned round to see two young Thai men, one of them clutching his gold chain, estimated to be worth around 100k Thai baht.
He told the motorbike taxi driver to speed up and try to catch the thieves, but they were too quick and were able to make their getaway.
Commentary: If you don't wear your 100,000 Baht gold necklace on the back of a motorbike taxi in Pattaya it will never get stolen.... Just saying... Lol..

Gang of Thai’s attack Indian man outside Ananda Massage in Pattaya…

Pattaya One News reports that at around 1:00am on April 23rd, Pattaya police were called to the scene of a fight that had broken out outside a massage parlor in South Pattaya. The incident involved 7 Thai youths teaming up to attack an Indian man after an argument had broken out between the two parties.
By the time the police had arrived, most of the gang had managed to escape however, police were lucky enough to find that 1 of the gang members had forgot the memo and was arrested on the scene.
A 21 year old by the name of Wira Rijirek was arrested and briefly questioned outside the Ananda Thai Massage on Thappaya Second road.
According the the attacker, the victim had been involved in a dispute with a fellow Indian man for a while now, since the start of Songkran.
The victim hadn’t been seen since the dispute, until now, and the gang decided to take the opportunity for revenge after spotting him outside the massage shop.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Celebrating my Birthday at the Local Strip Club Tonight...

 Celebrating my birthday tonight I went out to a local strip club after a break of several months. Within 30 minutes I was able to pick out 3 new dancers and all 3 were university students. Well, one was a culinary school student. Close enough and one told me that she was straight but had a couple of bi experiences with 2 of the other dancers but was looking to explore more. Hmmmmmm… Noted.

The thing about guys like us that have lot’s of experience hitting the clubs is that you just get a sixth sense gut feeling about dancers after years of practice. In other words which ones are the good girls, the good girls that like to be bad in a good way and then the one’s that are just total bitches that you want to avoid. Right? It’s a learned skill but a valuable one that helps you to get exactly what you want more quickly… Lol..

Saturday, April 22, 2017

UK fraudster spent £100,000 of stolen cash on luxury trips to Thailand – and kept a Facebook diary as he cavorted with a string of ‘prostitutes’.

Pattaya One News reports that Tamworth car salesman Adam Lapworth, 32, has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after stealing a total of £265,000 from taxpayers, which he also splashed on drugs and gambling. After his arrest Lapworth initially claimed the crimes took place because of depression. Hmmmm…..
But investigators from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) discovered he had withdrawn £100,000 for luxury trips to Thailand – with a Facebook diary giving updates showing him dancing and sharing baths with scantily-clad Thai women. One video also showed him gyrating with a woman in a nightclub.
Investigators found that he spent a further £78,572 on online gambling, £18,985 on rent and gifts, and £895 on online pornography and prostitute directories. The brazen crook also paid £59,790 to his drug dealer, while a further £9,000 related to fraudulent Tax Credit payments.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Unidentified foreign tourist's body recovered from Phuket beach

The Phuket Gazette reports that lifeguards and police officers have recovered the body of an unidentified foreign tourist from the water at Patong Beach. The man was reported to have disappeared this morning, 

Local vendors informed lifeguards of his disappearance at about 9am, saying that he simply never returned after going into the water.

Lifeguards hopped onto their jet-skis to search the sea. Patong Police officers, Kusoldharm Rescue Foundation workers and concerned tourists were also present at the scene.

Police found British bank notes and a hotel keycard in his pocket. Officers are now trying to confirm his identity and figure out exactly what happened to him.

Commentary: Phuket is known for having dangerous rip tides and warning flags on the beaches that tourist ignore and way too often somebody drowns. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Songkran on Soi Buakhao - Pattaya - 2017

Meet & Greet Parties at Ruby Club on Soi 6 in May...

It’s back to Ruby Club on Soi 6 in Pattaya guys for the Facebook Friends of Alex & Bangkok After Hours "Meet & Greet Parties!" I’ve already contacted Ruby Club and they are more than happy to host the “Meet & Greets” and since Soi 6 starts early anyway, it’s perfect for the guys that want to split off and head to the gogo bars on Walking Street or Soi LK Metro later in the evening.

Facebook friends of Alex (Bangkok After Hours) “Meet & Greets Parties” for the month of May:
Ruby Club – Soi 6 – Pattaya: Tuesday May 9th at 7pm
Ruby Club – Soi 6 – Pattaya: Saturday May 27th at 7pm

Some of you guys will be in Pattaya long enough to attend 2 out of the 3 “Meet & Greets” and you can expect meet some new Facebook friends of Alex that share our mutual interest in Thailand, partying, drinking Singha beer and Thai bargirls…  

Expats in Pattaya on my Facebook friends list and readers of my blog are also very welcome to stop by any of the “Meet & Greets” and swap some bar stories and grab some FREE pizza!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A determined drive against Bangkok food stalls

News By The Nation:

BANGKOK: -- A plan by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to ban sidewalk food stalls throughout the city has met with a huge public outcry. The groans are coming not just from the vendors and lower-income residents who depend on the inexpensive fare for their daily meals, but also from foreign tourists who view street food as a major attraction of this city, part of its innate charm.
Thanks to countless celebrity visitors and foreign YouTube bloggers with sizeable followings, Bangkok street food has been featured regularly and praised highly on the social media. Bangkok is renowned as a street-food destination, one of the world’s street-food capitals.

Major foreign media outlets have noted the widespread lamenting on the social networks and have tended to agree that Bangkok will just not be the same without its street fare.

Phuket firefighters douse Patong massage parlour blaze

Thai Visa News reports that six fire trucks were called to contain a fire that broke out at a massage parlour along the Patong beach road this morning (April 19). No injuries were reported from the blaze. Officers at the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) Patong office responded to a call at about 8am reporting that a fire had broken out at Refresh Massage on Thaweewong Rd. Smoke was billowing from the building when firefighters arrived. Rescue teams entered the building, but found no persons trapped inside. Firefighters took one hour to bring the situation under control.

Customer: Baby, you’re making me so hot….
Massage girl: Where there’s smoke there’s fire!
Customer: Oh, baby go for it. Light my fire!
Massage girl: No! I mean the building is on fire!!!!
Customer: Oh, baby I’ll put out your flames with my hose!
Massage girl: No! The building really is on fire asshole!
Customer: So do I get my 1,000 Baht back because having my ass hairs burned as I run out of the building wasn’t the happy ending that I had in mind!
Massage girl: No refunds! All sales final!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pattaya finding it hard to clean up its sexy act

Thai Coconuts reports: In a daring nautical themed outfit, sex worker May confidently predicts the survival of Thai sleaze town Pattaya despite a junta attempt to tame the kingdom’s “Sin City”.

She is bullish because she, like tens of thousands of others in the industry, have no plans to give up their jobs. And there are no signs the hordes of foreign sex tourists are abating.

Two hours east of Bangkok, Pattaya’s bawdy reputation hails from the Vietnam War era when American GIs partied in the city in theiir downtime.

Today, it spins money off its no-holds-barred reputation and its most successful sex workers earn anywhere between THB70,000 – THB150,000 (USD2,000 – USD4,400) a month, as much as ten times the national average wage.
 “I make good money here, for me and my family,” May said as she touted for clients near ‘Walking Street’ — a mile-long drag festooned with bars and clubs pouring out ear-crushing EDM music.
But concerns about the impact on Thailand’s reputation have spurred authorities to act, while frequent reports of underage sex workers, drug abuse and mafia operations further muddy Pattaya’s name.
May, who is transgender, said the strip has felt more subdued in recent weeks as police and soldiers conduct frequent patrols as part of a clean-up ordered by the censorious ruling junta.
Police Lt. Col. Sulasak Kalokwilas is one of those tasked with what many might deem the ultimate Sisyphean task: weaning Pattaya off sex.
“We are suppressing obscene and dirty shows. We’re trying to make those bars disappear,” he explained.
As he spoke, lines of women stood behind him in revealing outfits enticing punters into bars with names like Taboo and G-Spot as well as Fahrenheit — a nightspot boasting “The Hottest Girls in Pattaya.”
“The ladyboys and women working there, they are not involved in the sex trade,” said Pattaya’s police chief Col. Apichai Kroppeth, echoing the kind of Thai police rhetoric commonly divorced from reality.
“They work as waitresses, sit and chat with customers, some dance in shows,” he said.

Bar fines, short times
For many residents of the city the latest moral outrage fits a familiar pattern: negative overseas headlines prompt authorities to launch high-visibility — yet limited — crackdowns on an industry that pays the bills for everyone.
“You’re expecting the poachers to be the gamekeepers?” said one westerner who has made Pattaya his home, when asked if the latest clean-up will work.
The sex trade is a cash cow for the bar owners, girls, massage parlors, hotels, taxis, mafia and, many have long alleged, the cops charged with policing.
Thais call it “pon prayote,” says British journalist Andrew Drummond who reported on crime in Thailand for two decades.
“It means everyone benefits… it brings in massive amounts of money and simply couldn’t happen without police connivance.”
Apichai insisted there was “no bribery for sure” in his force.
Prostitution is illegal in conservative Thailand. Yet it remains ubiquitous for local and foreign customers alike.
Businesses use a well worn loophole to avoid prosecution, hiring sex workers inside the bars merely to entertain and talk to patrons.
A small “bar fine,” usually around THB500 (USD14), secures private “short time” away from the bar where any deal struck for sex is purely between the punter and prostitute.
While authorities have vowed to shutter the trade, there is little discussion on what happens to the sex workers — who often support large families with their earnings.
There are no exact numbers, but a 2014 UNAIDS report suggested some 140,000 females are employed by sex work across Thailand. Tens of thousands are thought to operate in Pattaya alone.

Pattaya Police says no water throwing after 8pm

Thai Visa News:  Pol. Col. Apichai Kroppech, the chief of Pattaya told the media that they along with the officers from Banglamung had joined forces to ensure safety to the city during the water festival, they also wanted to declare that there will be no water throwing allowed after 8pm. Pattaya authorities were notified and currently putting up signs as well as making announcements that residents and/or tourists are not allowed to throw water after the time concerned to avoid any violence and misunderstandings.

Apparently, there have been many negative reports on the water throwing activities since a lot of people clearly don’t know when to stop. The police chief mentioned that everybody can join in on the festivities but that must be during appropriate times. Therefore, he is requesting cooperation from residents, tourists and relevant sectors to help reinforce the policy so that people can dress up appropriately in the evening without having to worry about getting wet.

Apart from that, more restrictions apply for vendors selling alcohol in public areas. Vendors caught doing so will be arrested immediately.

Commentary: I guess word hasn’t gotten out to the locals and tourists spraying water on Walking Street at 3am! Lol..

Where are the Police? Injured Pattaya tourists complain

 Pattaya One News reports that with police supposed to be stepping up their duties during the busy Songkran period, we were amazed to find some injured tourists complaining that they were struggling to find any.
Earlier on, a top ranking policeman had been visiting Pattaya, assuring tourists of their support and protection during the festive period. As soon as he left, however, many of the police posts which were being manned during his visit were left deserted.
Trouble broke out in South Pattaya on Sunday night, with a handful of tourists being attacked by a gang of Thai youths who were said to be highly intoxicated. Several injuries were suffered including some to the head. Paramedics arrived onto the scene to treat the victims for their injuries, but amazingly, the police were no where to be seen.
It was earlier on in the afternoon that day that Region 2 commander Sarawut Tansakun had made his way into Pattaya to inspect the performance of his men in the area, with the focus supposedly being on helping any foreigners in trouble.
As you can imagine, all were present during the commander’s, but unfortunately, it was a very different scenario from what we expected later on in the day. Thousands of both Thai and foreigners were celebrating in the specifically designed area’s, but inevitably when alcohol is involved, scenes turned ugly.

Update: Facebook friends of Alex “Meet & Greet” on this Thursday April 20th at 8pm at Gspot GoGo on Walking Street.

 Just a reminder that with Songkran there may not be a lot of dancers in the bars in Walking Street as a lot of girls head home for Songkran then come back a day or two after Songkran ends. But you can still enjoy some 45 baht draft beer, make some new friends that share similar interests and swap some barmonger stories at my :Facebook Friends of Alex - "Meet & Greet" at Gspot at 8pm this Thursday April 20th. If there’s not enough dancers back from Songkran to keep everyone entertained then grab a baht bus to Soi 6 and crash Dean’s 40th birthday party at “Where Angels Play”. Dean is partner and manager at Where Angels Play and I’m sure he’ll share some birthday cake with anyone that asks….

Everyone is invited be you a tourist for Songkran or an expat that lives in Pattaya and feel free to invite your friends!