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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

31 Chinese Tourists Injured in Phuket Tour Bus Crash..

The Phuket Gazette reports that more than 30 Chinese tourists were injured when their tour bus crashed into a temple at the bottom of Patong Hill last night. Police are hunting for the bus driver, who reportedly fled after ploughing into the wall of Wat Suwan Kiriwong, around 8:30pm. A total of 31 people suffered minor injuries. They were in a state of shock and taken to Patong Hospital, said Maj Pattapee.

Police said the driver faces charges of reckless driving causing injury and property damage, if he can be found.

Commentary: A boring week it would be without another Thai tour bus crash injuring a group of Chinese tourists and having the bus driver take off for the hills before the police arrived. One can only assume that either the bus driver wasn't licensed, was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or all of the above!

Tourism Authority of Thailand Seeking Quality Tourists…

Pattaya One News reports that at a media briefing at the Asean Tourism Forum last Friday, Tourism Authority of Thailand Governor Dr Yuthasak Supasorn, outlined an ambitious strategy to expand tourism revenue, while promoting options that combine Thailand’s top destinations with travel opportunities in neighbouring countries.

Achieving a quality, balanced tourism experience was a core theme in his presentation to ATF media.“This year we will focus less on visitor arrivals and more on achieving quality tourism targets,” he explained.“Our strategy for international markets will position the kingdom as a quality leisure destination through Thainess.”He defined “quality” as measured by visitor expenditure, average length of stay and the overall delivery of a valuable visitor experience.

Commentary: Well if the TAT are going to define “quality tourist by expenditure bar mongers should be at the top of the list! Average length of stay? Again plenty of bar mongers visit Thailand more than once a year! Overall delivery of a valuable visitor experience?  Why many guys have had barfines where the girl delivered a valuable visitor experience for just 2,000 baht!  We must be the quality tourists they’re talking about!!!! Lol….

Soi 6 Bargirl Brawl with Broken Beer Bottle in Pattaya

Pattaya One News reports that at 3am, on the morning of August 23, Pattaya Police were called to a disturbance on Soi 6, Beach Road, Pattaya. At the scene Sawang Boriboon Medics were treating one injured girl after a savage brawl that appeared to involve around twenty bar girls.
Police officers struggled to control the situation. One girl, twenty-two-year-old Ms Channipa Kukiew, a Go Go Girl, was covered in blood and being treated for serious head injuries. She was rushed to Banglamung Hospital for emergency treatment.

Another girl, twenty-year-old Ms Kannika Mingkwan, a Go Go Girl from the same bar, was holding a broken bottle which was taken as evidence.

The victim said that the suspect was on her first day working at the bar. She had become drunk and pointed her feet at her, for no reason. (a sign of disrespect)

She approached her new work-mate to ask her the problem and a fight broke out. It was broken up by security staff and the two girls arranged to ‘meet outside’ to settle their dispute later.
As the bar was closing the two squared up but the suspect produced a bottle and hit the victim in the face. She then proceeded to stab her in the face and arms ten-times before she could be pulled off.

After questioning the suspect said she had not pointed her feet at all and that the victim must have imagined it.’ She claimed to have been dragged outside by a group of the victims friends and was ‘only defending herself with the bottle.’ She complained she had been ‘bullied all evening.’

Commentary: Stabbing your co-worker in the face with a broken beer bottle probably isn’t the best way to make friends your first day on the job as a new bargirl.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sexy in the City - Pokemon Go Party - Sat. Aug. 27th...

Sexy in the City - Soi 6 - Pattaya
Pokemon Go Party - Saturday August 27th...

Games, Girls and Prizes!

Super sweet & sexy International DJ Honey G will be in the back room of Black Pagoda in Patpong for one night only Friday August 26th.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Foreigner Deaths from Drowning in Red-Flag Beach Zones Now Exceed Foreigner Deaths from Drunken Falls off Balconies…

The Phuket Gazette reports that a 23 year old female French tourist ignored red warning flags not to swim on the Nai Thon beach and instead jumped into the ocean. Her friends on the beach watched in horror as the tourist was quickly swept out about 30 yards into the ocean by a powerful rip current. It took lifeguards 20 minutes to locate her and by then it was too late as the tourist had drowned.
Police said; “It’s monsoon season and we want to warn all tourists and residents not to swim in the red-flag zones. If you want to swim, please make sure you do so in the designated safe zones where the lifeguards are on patrol,” he added.

A number of tourists have died after ignoring the red flags in the past few months, including a Russian tourist just a week ago.

Commentary: It’s simple. Red-Flags on the beach mean if you swim you die by drowning! What’s so hard to understand?

Queen Club GoGo Girls Video - Pattaya..

Pokemon Go Parties in Pattaya GoGo Bars...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pattaya Ladyboy Murdered in Soi Buakao Short Time Hotel..

Pattaya One News reports that at 11.30 am, on the morning of August 20, Sawang Boriboon Medics received reports of a body hidden under a bed at the Little Court Condos in Soi Buakao, Pattaya.
The five story building is known as a short-stay hotel. There are rooms on the roof and in number 666 the decomposing body of a ladyboy was discovered by the building manager. It is thought the dead man had been there for three to four days.

Scene of crime officers have yet to decide if the deceased had been strangled or ‘hit with a hard object.’ The cadaver has been sent for autopsy.

The room was rented on August 16 by two, as yet, unknown men. On August 18 the two men were seen in the company of a ladyboy at 1.30am and they checked out later that morning at 9am.
The following day another couple booked the room but complained of a ‘nasty smell’ and asked the maid to bring air fresheners. They soon left and this morning (August 20) the maid went into the room to clean up and noticed blood seeping from under the bed.

She informed the manager who discovered the body and called the police. Investigating officers have said they do know the names of all the men involved but will not release those details until the results of an autopsy are received and the cause of death is known.

Commentary: WTF? If the police know the names of the two guys then pick the moth fuckers up! You don’t need to wait for the cause of death! The ladyboys body was stuffed under the mattress! It’s not a suicide!