Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Baht buses OK’d to return to Soi Buakhao

Pattaya Mail News reports that the National Council for Peace and Order Banglamung chief, Maj. Gen. Popanan Luengpanuwat met June 12 with the local Baht Bus Cooperative, government officials, businesspeople and soldiers to discuss the progress of the army’s attempt to impose order on unruly songthaews (baht buses). Transport officials told the meeting that four routes added this year serving the periphery of Pattaya were working smoothly, although they acknowledged drivers continue to stray from their designated areas to serve more-lucrative spots, such as Soi Buakhao, where the army actually tried – and failed – to ban baht buses. The military signaled defeat at the meeting, announcing that Soi Buakhao will be added to the South Pattaya-Dolphin Roundabout-Naklua route.

“Even though the government has tried to fix this issue many times, it wasn’t very effective due to many careless drivers who simply violated the rules,” Popanan said.

2 ladyboys nabbed for pickpocketing Aussie in Pattaya

Pattaya Mail News reports that two transvestites have been arrested for allegedly pickpocketing an Australian tourist on Walking Street. Ronnarit Kamprao, 32, and Plakat Sonjan, 26, were captured with a wallet containing 2,900 baht owned by Robert Jarid, 21.

Commentary: If you’re going to get distracted and have your wallet lifted by 2 ladyboys on Walking Street at least make sure that you got robbed by 2 really hot looking ladyboys with big breast implants so that when your picture is in the news most people will give you the benefit of the doubt for being “distracted”. But if the 2 ladyboys merely look like guys with short haircuts then you can bet you’re going hear a lot of shit about it from your friends when you get back home. Just saying….

Thai - Nok Air Flight Attendants Welcome Britney Spears to Bangkok...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pattaya Walking Street bars warned: No prostitutes, no guns and be closed by 3am

Pattaya One News reports that a new curfew is in place for all bars and entertainment venues located on Pattaya’s Walking Street. On Monday June 19th, local officials informed bar owners and managers that venues had to close by 3am. As well as reminding bar owners of Walking Street’s trading hours, officials left a leaflet at each venue informing that guns and prostitutes are prohibited. The news comes just days after officials issued a similar warning to bars on Soi 6. Last week, Soi 6 bars were informed they have to remain closed during the day and can now only open from 6pm.
The crackdown is part of a new sweeping changes to licensing regulations that are being rolled out by City Hall after discussions with officials from the police, tourism and entertainment sectors.
The move comes as authorities desperately try to reinvent the image of the popular resort town from one synonymous with sex and adult entertainment to that of a modern and family friendly resort with mass appeal. Earlier this week, the police and military launched raids on three venues in the city.
One raid was carried out at a popular gentleman’s club named Rioja after police received reports that sexual services were for sale. A 52 year old woman was arrested. Another two raid that took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning resulted in 14 people being arrested.
Commentary: Say what you want about this going on and off for years but with the military controlling the show and being rather ultra conservative I do believe they mean business and keep tightening the screws on the adult entertainment be it massages, bars or gogo’s month after month. That’s not to say that the adult entertainment in Thailand is dead but it is changing when even big time players with connections have to go along with the new direction the wind is blowing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bar Tip of the Day…

You’ll feel a sudden impulse and rising need to rent the first hottie that catches your eye in that gogo bar tonight but try to hold off for at least 15 minutes. Often a newer and more attractive model is yet to take the stage! 

My ebook survey says: Thailand versus the Philippines….

I don’t make much in the way of royalties from my all my after hours ebooks but I do see some interesting trends in terms of guys interest in different travel locations. For example, the interest and purchases of my Angeles City After Hours ebook is running 3 times as high as the interest in any of my Bangkok or Pattaya After Hours ebooks. Even more interesting? Japanese readers download twice as many of my ebooks than readers from the USA my primary market. This is surprising since I don’t translate my ebooks into Japanese! Here’s how it breaks down by country in terms of readers of my ebooks:

1: Japan
2: USA
3: Australia
4: Canada
5: United Kingdom
6: Germany

Interesting enough is that Chinese make up 0% of my ebook readers despite the huge numbers of Chinese travelling to Thailand but since China controls the Internet they probably don’t allow my books to be purchased or read there. What a shame… Lol..
We can say what we want about our preference for Thailand but either because of exchange rates, the constant tightening of the screws by the Army in Thailand on both long time established and major massage shops and gogo bars or the poor exchange rates the guys in the UK have right now for Thai baht but there seems a definite preference among guys wanting to learn more about the entertainment side of Angeles City.

As for what’s driving the Japanese interest in Angeles City I have no idea. From what I can tell there are no direct flight’s from Narita in Tokyo to Clark / Angeles. The flights all go through Seoul the same way mine does from the USA. Are the Japanese simply discovering that they can get more bang for their Yen in the Philippines than Thailand the same way I discovered my dollar goes further in Angeles City? Or are the Japanese dialing back for whatever reason in that they don’t have the same entertainment funds that they had available 5 years ago the same way as guys in the UK and America? I know I had considerable more in entertainment funds when I travelled 5 years ago and 3 times more time off. Is the same true for the Japanese guys now???

After dating 5,000 guys, Thai woman creates course on catching rich white men

Thai Coconuts reports that a Thai woman who advertised herself as having dated over 5,000 rich men became the talk of the town today after launching an online course designed to guide other Thai women in catching and keeping rich foreign guys.

For Thai women out there who want an ATM as a boyfriend, a woman in Khon Kaen, who calls herself Priya Suriya on Facebook, is opening a “club” that recruits eligible Thai women for her “rich businessman friends.”

For a fee of THB 14,000 (about USD $410) for VIP access, Praiya will set her “club members” up with either “Caucasian or Middle Eastern” men, with online coaching on how to ask them for money and be more confident in bed.

Commentary: Got to love an entrepreneur! Lol...

Monday, June 19, 2017

Pattaya Police Catch 2 Nude Bar Girls Giving Foreign Tourist Some Oral Satisfaction in Jacuzzi..

Pattaya One News reports that a team of Pattaya police and army personnel have raided a popular gentleman’s club in South Pattaya to find illegal oral sexual activity taking place. At around 6:30pm on June 19th, Pattaya police joined up with a squad of army soldiers after receiving reports that sexual services were available for purchase at popular gentleman’s club, Rioja.

Undercover police entered the premises first, armed with 3,000 baht. The plan was to confirm that sexual services could definitely be purchased before raiding the establishment.
To the amazement of absolutely nobody, police quickly confirmed the reports and made their way inside. The establishment is set out across 2 floors and covers approximately 150 Sq. metres.
Downstairs police found there to be around 15 bar girls entertaining customers in a friendly manner.
Making their way upstairs, they found some short time rooms where customers were able to have some fun with a girl of their choosing. Entering the first room police found young girls entertaining her customer on the bed.
A few moments later they entered a second room where they found 2 girls giving oral pleasure to a foreign customer inside a Jacuzzi bath tub.. Police also found condoms, lubricants, and kamagra jellies in the rooms.
Police collected as much evidence as they needed including photos and made their way back downstairs where they were introduced to a 52 year old woman who claimed to be in charge of running the business.
She was taken down to the police station for further questioning and police will be looking to file charges in the near future.
They also sent a strong message out to other establishments that may be involved in similar activity that they will be continuing raids in the coming weeks.
Commentary: Rumor has it when Pattaya police asked the 2 nude bar girls in the jacuzzi just what they were doing they replied: “Just having some good clean fun”… Apparently the police were not amused…

Pandora's GoGo - Soi LK Metro - June Specials...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pattaya Go-Go clubs and bars targeted in new crackdown.. Soi 6 bars Told Not to Open Before 6pm!!! WTF!!!

 ThaiVisa News Reports that authorities in Pattaya this week launched a new crackdown on bars and go-go clubs in the resort city. As part of the crackdown licensing officials in Pattaya have temporarily prohibited the opening of new Go-Go bars and that licenses for such establishments will not be issued for the foreseeable future - although no time frame has been determined as to how long this may be. The crackdown also seen Pattaya’s notorious Soi 6 the subject of increased scrutiny by authorities this week with all owners informed bars are not permitted to open until 6pm. Bar owners have been warned that failure to comply will result in fines and suspension of licenses. “They [the authorities] told me I cannot open my bar until 6pm”, one bar owner who requested not to be named told Thaivisa on Saturday. “They told every bar the same”. “It is already hard to make money from the bar [with so much competition] but if I cannot open during the day I don’t know how I can stay [open]”, the bar owner added.

 “But some bars still open in the day but some have closed and only open at 6pm”. “I don’t know why some can stay open but some have to close like us”. Thaivisa has also learned that the crackdown is part of a wider change to the way licenses for bars and clubs are issued in the city, with the whole licensing process set to be overhauled.

The changes would mean that rather than having to revoke licenses from bars that fail to comply with licensing laws, offending bars would simply not be allowed to renew existing licenses and therefore be prevented from trading legally. Officials are set for further discussions on proposed new licensing measures this coming week.

The new crackdown comes as officials in Pattaya continue to try and transform the seedy image of the city, which has seen it proclaimed as the ‘sex capital of the world’ by foreign media, to that of a modern, family friendly tourist resort. The crackdown also follows an increase in the number of undercover stings used to target bars and massage parlours that are suspected of selling sexual services.

Commentary: They're going to end up driving all the bar business to relocate to Phnom Penh and all the Baht that get's spent on Soi 6!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

81 Year Old French expat dead by knife in chest, Phuket police deem suicide.. Hmmmm….

The PHUKET News reports that police believe a French expat found dead in his home in Kamala this morning died by his own hand, stabbing himself in the chest with a knife. Capt Prasert Thongprom of the Kamala Police was notified at 10:45am. Officers and rescue workers arrived to find the body of the man, identified as Henri Paul Jean Melot, 81, from Morlaix, slumped in a chair beside his computer with a knife in his left chest.

Commentary: An 81 year old man stabs himself in the heart while sitting in his chair at his computer? Nothing suspicious about that… Suicide for sure. Case closed.

Tokyo business man just ten minutes into first trip to Pattaya - now 50,000 baht gold necklace lighter..

ThaiVisa News reports that a Japanese businessman from Tokyo had some choice words for Pattaya after he was robbed of his 50,000 baht necklace before he and his wife had even got to his hotel. The lone motorcycle snatch thief grabbed his Chinese necklace just moments after he had got off a tour bus and while he was waiting with his luggage for a taxi. Police phoned ahead, but the thief had disappeared. The incident happened at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 41 on Wednesday evening. The Japanese tourist, a restaurant and private businessman in the Japanese capital, said that he was making his first trip to Thailand. He grumbled that Pattaya had a reputation as a world renowned resort but was clearly unsafe. Police promised to investigate.