Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Beer Garden Soi 7 - Bangkok - Freelancer Review...

The Beer Garden on Sukhumvit Soi 7 in Bangkok has been famous for years for the freelancers that hang out here starting around noon until early evening. If you like paying Pattaya short time prices then the Beer Garden in Bangkok is where you’ll find a girl to match the Baht in your wallet.

However, I do have to tell you that the girls in the Beer Garden are also famous for being a mixed lot. To best describe the girls you’ll need to go get a large bucket of gravel and poor it onto the ground. Most of the stones will be worn, cracked, uneven and pretty rough. Yet a very few stones will be smooth and polished quartz crystals. That pretty much sums up the freelancers in the Beer Garden. Most will be heavily worn out and rough to look at. But a very few will be smooth and polished enough for you to consider some intimate exercise with at a nearby short time hotel.

Despite all of this I still stopped in the Beer Garden at 4 p.m. one day and it's the first time I've ever seen the guys outnumber the freelancers by 3 to 1??? WTF??? Perhaps the manager feels he needs fewer freelancers and more room for paying western customers??? I’ve always enjoyed the burgers and beer in the Beer Garden along with their Thai dishes as it is a good place to eat at reasonable prices. But after one quick walk through the bar I left to check out the girls at the massage shops and bars on Soi 7/1. My quest for the hottest Thai girl in Bangkok After Hours went on…

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Anonymous said...

I have been around Thailand since 1964 and lived full-time in Bangkok for many years. I often heard about Beir Garten from friends but never stopped in. A somewhat disowned aunt of my Thai wife owns a BlowJob bar around Asoke, and that was adventurist enough for me once or twice a week. Finally I stopped into the Soi 7 Beir Garten about three weeks ago at around 4pm. I stayed a couple of hours, drank some Chang and watched the action. The chaps were rather ruddy with beer guts with few exceptions. As was mentioned many of the ladies looked as they had been "rode hard and put away wet" but there were exceptions. I even recognized a lady who works at my bank coming in after work hours. What an opportunity for a late night deposit into the current account.

Anyway - I returned two days later in full battle gear. I emerged with two ladies - one a Beir Garten regular and one a novice, who I later discovered to be a professional engineer (roads and bridges). Point being as has been told before the variety of women is astounding, and as the economy in Thailand goes so goes the lure of those "after normal working hours" earnings. For me the whole thing ended up with a four night stand, half at the Intercon and half at a cheaper inn. The engineer sort of latched onto me - obviously would prefer some permanent status to blowing fat guys for 1,500! Baht. I am rather intreagued by the multitude of stories (some true most gray) the ladies have. I can see that for a randy Bangkok resident the place could be rather addicting.

My advice - if you are visiting and have a room downtown give Bier Garten. A go. Lots of choice and no bar fine. If you live here I would stick with the blowjob bars. No room needed, no complications, no bleeding heart stories. But to fully disclose I admit I did fall for one blowjob bar story. A young lady who worked there had zero tits, and out of sympathy I bought her a pair to the tune of 100,000 baht. Oh well, nobody is perfect!