Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Long Gun GoGo Bar Soi Cowboy - Show Girl Surprise!!!

The show girls in Bangkok After Hours can surprise you with erotic delights that you can’t even imagine until you experience them first hand which brings me to today’s barfine adventure.

One Saturday night in Bangkok I had an eye opening experience and a very pleasant surprise but the story actually begins about 24 hours earlier on Friday night. It was just after midnight and I had stopped off once again in the Long Gun GoGo bar in Soi Cowboy to look for several super-hot dancers that I'd seen before and that I was very much interested in barfining. As luck would have it I found all three of the girls that I was searching for! (I always make it a point to look for the 3 hottest girls in the bar that get my attention. After all, it’s nice to have a backup girl or two!)

The first dancer I bought a drink for was a petite girl but she didn't want to go with me as she said that she was afraid that I was too big for her. Strike one!

The second girl I talked to was 30 seconds from starting her floor show with 5 other girls (and she was the best dancer of the group but I’d barfine her a few days later.)

My third choice was a hot, dark skinned 20 year old Issan girl with some really nice curves to her. She had only been dancing in the bar a few weeks. I told her that I wanted to barfine her and she was good to go short time for 2,000 Baht and we were out the door a few minutes later. Let me tell you that she might have been my third choice but that her performance was number #1 all the way! I’m talking extremely talented and later on I’d find out exactly how much more talented she was! I finished up with the Long Gun gogo girl back at my hotel at 1:40 a.m. I had to hurry as I was off again to look for a massage girl at a nearby massage shop on Soi 23 that was waiting for me to take her to an after-hours club to dance the remainder of the night away.

24 hours later and were back to Saturday night. While I’m sitting in the Long Gun bar enjoying my Singha beer the floor show starts. The gogo girl that I had barfined last night comes out on stage much to my pleasant surprise and starts to perform what will end up being (5) different shows!! I didn’t know that she was a show girl when I had barfined her the night before as I hadn’t caught any of the Long Gun shows until now. Mesmerized I watched her act as she performed all (5) of her shows totally nude very much to my enjoyment. Here are the (5) shows she performed:

Act #1 starts. She’s dancing and pulls a very long string of flowers out of that sweet spot between her thighs!

Act #2 starts: She lubes up with KY and does the pop a ping pong ball out of her pussy into a glass jar trick! Several ping pong balls! Damn!! (I’m starting to get hot now.)

Act #3 starts: She lights 2 cigarettes, lays down on her back, arches up and places the 2 lit cigarettes in her pussy puffing out smoke!!!! 

Act #4 starts: She takes a birthday party horn and places the end in her pussy and toots the horn!

Act #5 starts: The server girls place a dozen very large balloons on both sides of the stage. The showgirl gets on her back and places these paper darts into a blowgun and then places the blowgun in her pussy! She takes aim by laying on the stage and arching her back and then proceeds to pop all of the balloons on both sides of the stage!!! Damn!

I know what you’re thinking. What did I do now that I had been enlightened to the true and exotic nature of the Long Gun show girl’s special talents?

The answer my friend is that I did what any self-respecting and horny barmonger would do in my place. I made sure to barfine her again before I left Bangkok and I had the mamasan lend me one of her show girl props for a very up close and hands on show back at my hotel. How could I not take another romp with a smoking hot 20 year old Thai show girl now that I knew what special bar tricks she could perform??? But alas that’s another story. I’ll get to that one in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to follow my blog and Facebook page daily!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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