Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Rainbow 1 GoGo Bar Review - Nana Plaza - Hot Girls But..

I walked into Rainbow 1 on the ground floor of Nana Plaza one night to check out the talent. To my delight I found that it has a couple of stages jam packed with really hot girls. I saw a couple of super-hot gogo girls but the bar was almost exclusively filled with Japanese guys and the girls wouldn't even look my way. Even sitting at the edge of the stage I couldn’t even get one of the hotties to look my way even once! Damn it to hell!

The bar is happy to have farangs buy drinks but the girls definitely prefer Japanese guys all the way. Ok, so be it. I didn’t have the patience for gogo girls playing hard to get as I was on the clock to barfine as many sexy Thai gogo girls as I could in one night and the clock was ticking. There were plenty of other bars full of hot girls in Nana Plaza to choose from where I didn’t have to work nearly as hard to get what I wanted and I could spend a fraction of the time getting it.

My goal was simple and it wasn’t to spend time with my ass on a barstool but rather banging the ass of a hot gogo girl back in my hotel room and then do it again with another hot dancer a couple of hours later throughout the night.

I don’t mind paying a premium for a really hot Thai girl in a bar that primarily caters to Japanese guys as I like the same types of girls. But if the girls give me the: “I only go with Japanese customers” attitude then no matter how hot her body is then she’s not going to be a whole lot of fun to spend time with. I’ll pass and take my Baht elsewhere. Maybe I’m asking too much but it’s my Baht and I can choose to spend it or not spend on the bargirl that most closely meets my hedonistic desires and erotic needs. (Ok, so I’m going to burn in hell.)

This is Bangkok After Hours and I want what I want, when I want it and I’ve got the Baht to get it…

 - Bangkok After Hours

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