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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Coyote Dancers versus GoGo Girls - What's the Difference?

It would seem all the photo’s I share of the coyote dancers from the Pimp Members Club and Nana Liquid Disco Facebook pages are generating a lot of interest. I’ve been getting private messages on Facebook from guys in Canada, USA, Australia and India wanting to know more about the differences between coyote dancers and gogo girls.

I guess if I wanted to take the easy way out on that question I could just tell you that gogo girls can be barfined but that coyote girls can’t. Or at least some can’t.

In reality it’s much more complicated than that. From what I read on the blogs and posts from expats and barmongers, guys either love coyote dancers or find them to be an annoyance. I for one don’t mind them at all. The bars and clubs employ energetic coyotes to bring in customers and keep them there. It is a business after all. Would you do it any different? The bars are there to make money for their owners after all.

I often read that some guys bitch about there being too many coyotes that you can’t barfine or not being able to tell the difference. My answer to that is have you ever been in the bars of Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza and never been able to find even one girl to barfine??? There are plenty of girl’s available guys. So why get worked up over the coyotes that can’t leave the bar???

As for sitting in a bar for an hour buying drinks only to find out the girl is a coyote that can’t be barfined then that’s your fault. Ask right up front and if in doubt have the server girl bring the mamasan over. She’ll let you know if you can barfine that coyote or not. Takes 2 minutes. Simple. Right?

Now I think that you can break down coyote dancers into 3 distinct types.

1: Exclusive Members Club Coyotes – Can’t be barfined.

2: After Hours Disco Coyotes – Some can be barfined.

3: GoGo Bar Coyotes – Many but not all can be barined.

So let’s discuss each type in more detail.

1: Exclusive Members Club Coyotes:

Let’s start with the cream of the crop of coyotes and those are the ones that dance in the members only clubs. Top coyotes are paid around 30,000 Baht per month. A good salary for the girls in Thailand.

Coyote dancers are expected to be energetic and for the most part to be able to dance well. Many are university students. These girls will go to the gym to work out. Practice dance and have beautiful makeup and hair and tight hard bodies. Many of these coyotes will be fashion model like. That’s the good news.

The bad news is since the club pays them to dance they are not going to leave the club with you. They will be happy to have you spend a ton of Baht on drinks though. Trying to snag a members club coyote is an expensive proposition. First the member’s fee is typically 20,000 Baht or more. The drinks for the ladies can run in the 300 Baht range. For you to have any decent chance with a members club coyote you’ll most likely to have to go to the club for several days. Forget about trying to get the coyote to go to your hotel after the club closes between 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. She’s been dancing all night and is tired. You’ve been awake and drinking all night. Your energy level and her’s are at their lowest.

Your best bet is to go for the phone number and call the coyote the next afternoon and try to hook up to get something to eat. Keep in mind a romp between the sheets with a members club coyote is not a sure thing. It’s a roll of the dice and a high stakes gamble with no guarantee of a payout. Test the waters about going back to your hotel and if she’s good to go take her shopping to Terminal 21 on Asoke and do buy the girl something first!! The happier she is the happier you’ll be later. Trust me on this one!

Now consider the 20,000 Baht members fee. Drinks for the coyote 3 nights in a row at an average of 300 Baht per drink. Dinner and taking the coyote shopping and then to your hotel. I’d say you’d need to be prepared to part with 50,000 – 80,000 Baht. Now if you’ve got a 6 figure salary in U.S. dollars then I say go for it. I would if I had the income but my salary isn’t nearly that big so I’m stuck with the girls I find in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy thank you very much. (Which isn’t really that bad).

2: After Hours Disco Coyotes:

I’ve found that many of the disco coyotes are university students or former gogo dancers usually in their early to mid-20’s that can speak English. They can really move their bodies to the music and have a lot of energy. Once again many of these will be girls that work out in the gym and have beautiful hair and makeup. (Just look at the coyote photos from Nana Liquid Disco). These girls are also paid a good salary. Now unlike the members club coyotes some of these girls will be more agreeable to giving you a phone number to meet during the day or possible leave the club for a premium. But again most likely won’t leave the disco though it is possible.
One Insomnia coyote agreed to meet me at 5:00 a.m. one night. When I arrived at Insomnia it was 2:00 a.m. and I found the coyote dancer I had called. She told me that she could leave now if I paid the barfine of 2,500 Baht. Her tip would have been another 4,000 Baht. Now that sounds high but my research on the subject confirms that at least some bars will let coyotes go for a barfine between 1,000 – 3,000 Baht. I was willing to pay the premium for the short time but I didn’t want to pay the premium for the barfine. The girl had a hot body but the face was only slightly above average in looks so I didn’t consider her a must have conquest. In the end I passed on the coyote and instead ended up at Long Gun in Soi Cowboy to barfine one of their pole dancer showgirls.

3: GoGo Bar Coyotes:

GoGo bar coyotes is the biggest mixed bunch of all. Just head over to Soi Cowboy and you’ll find Rio, Sahara and Midnight overflowing with coyote girls. First you can typically tell the difference pretty quickly between a coyote dancer and a gogo girl. How?  It’s easy. Coyote girls will be wearing shorts and tops with a bra for example. Showing some skin but not too skimpy. The gogo girls will most likely be showing more skin with see through tops and miniskirts. That’s the quickest and easiest way to tell the coyote girls from the gogo dancers!!! More clothes = coyote girl. Less clothes = gogo dancer!

Now the coyotes in gogo’s I’d divide into 3 groups:

1st group is typically more attractive than the gogo dancers.

2nd group are about the same on the beauty scale as the gogo dancers.

3rd group of coyotes are less attractive and look like malnourished farmers daughters fresh from the hills of Issan which they most likely are.

Some of the gogo bar coyotes can be barfined and others can’t. Since the new girls can’t speak English don’t sit there buying drinks for an hour just to find out that she can’t be barfined. That’s your fault. Not the girls and not the bar. If you see a coyote you like get the server girl to bring the mamasan over. The mamasan will let you know if the coyote can go or not. If she can’t go with you then move on to another girl. Why spend time and Baht buying drinks for a girl that’s not going to go with you???

Now let me tell you that you need to be aware that ladydrinks for coyotes can be as much as 100 Baht more. If she can be barfined you can expect to pay 1,000 – 2,000 Baht but as my experience shows you could have to pay up to 3,000 Baht. As for the short time rate for a coyote you could expect to pay between 3,000 – 5,000 Baht. On the plus side since the barfine and short time is much higher the coyote dancer is less likely than a gogo dancer to have already had a short time customer or two before you came to the bar. So if you like your good’s as fresh as possible then the premium for a coyote is worth it. My only recommendation is to look for the needle in the haystack. By that I mean the coyote girls that are university students. They will be able to speak enough English to make your time spent with them in the bar and afterwards if all works out more enjoyable.

For a gogo bar coyote it’s still a pretty high premium. I can find super-hot looking and talented gogo and showgirls in Long Gun or Angelwitch that I can barfine and pay less for short time. A girl would really have to have the looks and special moves for me to pay that high a premium as I typically would only pay that for a top showgirl.

But at the end of the night it’s your Baht and your fantasy… If a coyote girl is what rocks your world then go for it!! Don’t let anyone else tell you different!

That’s Bangkok After Hours…

 - Bangkok After Hours

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Anonymous said...

if you just want to take some hot young girls out, coyote concept in soi cowboy basicly is a scam. I had spent 3 nights in soi cowboy’s kiss bar and paid over 10000 baht, then figured out that those coyote dancers just want you buy more drinks for them and for mamasan(230 baht for a vanilla liqueur). the first day i bought drinks for a coyote and her coyote friends, after I paid 4000 baht I be told that she is a coyote and can not be barfined. mamasan tell me that you can barfine other gogo girls in this bar but not this girl. thinking there’s a will there’s a way, so the second day I bought more drinks for both girls and mamasan (over 5000 baht), negotiating until bar closed (I think after duty time it might be more easy to negotiate with mamasan)and it look works, because next day when I passing by the bar, had a short chat with mamasan (buy drink for mamasan of course), then noted that the coyote girl i’d like to barfine will cost me 8000 baht (barfine is 5000 before midnight and 2500 after midnight, and paid girl 3000 baht for a ST), so i thinking i may just buy some drinks and wait until midnight then barfine her. so i paid another 2500 baht bill in the bar buying some drinks for that coyote and mamasan, when it’s about midnight I ask mamasan to barfine the coyote, she said no, you can not barfine her, because i am not buying her drink right now (I can not keep buying her drinks from 9pm to 12pm)the reason i’d pay barfine after midnight is because i want to save money (barfine 2500 instead of 5000), but the thing is since i sit in bar from 9pm to 12pm I still buy 2500 baht drinks to both girls and mamasan, so there’s no much difference, any way, I be told that I can not barfine that girl, I feel I’m being teased since i went to this bar, I ask mamasan did you say i can barfine that girl for 5500 baht after midnight right before i went into bar. and she is noncommittal, saying you can barfine other gogo girls but can not barfine her. i just leave this bar. and will never back. this is my story in kiss bar coi cowboy. my suggestion is don’t patronize these coyote bars if you like take girl out. if you are just like flirting with some coyote dancers, they are still not a bad choice.