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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oranges Massage - Sukhumvit Soi 31 - Bangkok....

With so many good naughty massage shops located on Soi 33, Soi 24 and Soi 24/1 it’s easy to forget that there are really good quality massage shops located on Soi 31 too. Oranges Massage is one of those. It caters primarily to Japanese customers which translates into above average girls which is why the Bangkok Partier goes there. The last time I was in Bangkok they even had a Japanese manager at the desk. I do like the tight white shirts and short black skirts the Oranges massage girls wear. The big plus is they have the girls keep their makeup fresh so that the girls look above average when you stop in. The best time is after 4:00 p.m. as more girls will be working later in the day.

Even though most of the customers are Japanese it is farang friendly. I’ve had massages in Oranges a few times. As with all massage shops with websites the photos give you an idea of the type if girls they have but as usual if you go looking for the hottest girls pictured you’ll find they haven't worked there in months to years. If I ever find a massage ship that actually keeps it’s photos of the girls up to date a couple of times a month it would become the number one massage shop in short order.

If you’re in Bangkok or plan to go will be visiting the massage shops on Soi 33 and Soi 24 then it’s worth the walk to pop into Oranges on Soi 31. Just walk down the Soi from Sukhumvit and make the first left into a sub Soi. Oranges is at the end on the right.

You can get more info and see photos of the types of girls they hire on their website (which is in Japanese). The fourth link from the left at the top of the page will bring up a location map for Oranges Massage.
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