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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Club Insanity - Soi 12 - Where to Locate the Hot Girls in the Club.

I had already been to Levels Club and Q Bar on Soi 11 and now I had made my way to Club Insanity (formerly Insomnia Bangkok). Club Insanity is located on Soi 12 and is still is one of my favorite places. Being located right off Sukhumvit is a big plus and I can walk there from Soi Cowboy if I want.

However Club Insanity is the only club that charged me a cover charge of 300 Baht while in Bangkok but you do get a free drink with that. Inside that night the dance floor only had a few people. The coyotes dancing on the raised podiums were average in looks which was disappointing. Not bad but average. The ladies in the club were also average for a Friday night. With the early Bangkok bar closings many of the gogo girls from Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza that would normally go to Club Insanity don't have enough time to hit the club before it closes and that sucks. Still for a bar monger seeking a freelancer Club Insanity rules the roost guys. I like Club Insanity because of the central and raised dance platform. You can make your way around the outside of the dance floor and tables and check out all the girls in the club in less than 5 minutes which is a big plus in my bar mongers book.

The club has several areas where the girls like to hang out. As you enter the club the bar will be to your left. Get your first beer there and then continue walking along the bar. The hottest freelancers with the biggest silicone tits have a tendency to either stand at this bar or sit at the tables directly in front of the bar. (This is the place for you If you like Thai girls with large silicone porn star type breasts). You’ll never see these girls dancing. They are there for one thing and that’s to find a customer. (See Map).

The younger freelancers and often dancers from the gogo bars have a tendency to grab tables surrounding the dance floor. These are the girls that will get up on the raised dance floor to dance.

Along the back bar there is a raised area that goes along the wall. It’s very dark so I’ve found that the higher mileage and older freelancers like to sit there. From a distance they look great. But once you get close if you’re not drunk you’ll most likely take a pass on these girls.

I like to try to get a girl to dance or will get on stage by myself if necessary facing the entrance and coyote podium. This is a prime spot because of the raised dance floor you can easily check out the girls as they enter the club. The lighting is also slightly better in this area so you can get a wide view of the available talent which makes it much easier to find that late night hook up!! When you exit Club Insanity you walk right into the V-8 Diner so it’s easy to grab a bite to eat before you take a girl back to your hotel.

On this particular night I didn’t see any girls that inspired me enough to want to take them with me so I decided to leave the Club and head back to Soi Cowboy. It was almost 2:30 a.m. and I didn’t have much time if I was going to find and bar fine one last dancer from a Soi Cowboy bar….

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