Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shark Bar - Bangkok: Battle of the Bar Fines...

This year’s epic battle of the bar fines wasn't between me and a Japanese guy but rather me against 2 Indian guys.

It was 6:45 p.m. and I had gone to Shark bar in Soi Cowboy since the girls on both the A & B teams start dancing at 6:30. I was there early specifically on a mission to find and bar fine the most beautiful girl with the hottest body in Shark bar before the crowd arrived later on.

I was the only customer in the bar for the first 15 minutes until 2 Indian guys a good 20 years younger than me walked in. I quickly narrowed my focus of the girls on stage to this 20 year old dancer that was a cut above the rest. I went up to chat and ask her name and to see how long she had been dancing in Shark which turned out to be only a few months. The two Indian guys also took notice after they had seen me go up and talk to the dancer. 

I then watch as the 2 Indian guys wave the server girl over to chat with and I see them point to the dancer on stage that I had just talked to. Damn! They want the same hot girl that I have my eyes on!

The server girl walks over to the stage and starts talking to the dancer. But to my relief the dancer looks at the Indian guys, waves her hand and shakes her head no. I guess she wasn't into having 2 Indian guys share her.

Taking my cue I immediately bolted out of my chair and walked over to the dancer and told her that I wanted to buy her some drinks and was ready to bar fine her right now. After all bar fining the hottest babe in the bar goes to the boys that are the boldest and with the Baht in their wallet to make it happen. I happened to have plenty of both!

The Shark dancer quickly agreed and came over for a couple of tequila’s. I paid the bar fine and while she was changing her clothes I noticed that the 2 Indian guys seemed to be more successful in having a hardcore, high mileage looking dancer with a lot of tattoo's sit for a drink with them. Not long after that I'm walking out of the Shark bar with my prize. The most beautiful and hottest girl in the Shark bar lineup and by 7:30 p.m. she’s in lying naked in my hotel room bed…

 Score: USA 1 = India: 00 (Two guys strike out so its double zero).

Life is good…

That's Bangkok After Hours....

 - Bangkok After Hours

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Anonymous said...

a caucasian will anyday score with a thai girl than a Indian (I am Indian and I have experienced it)