Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Suzie Wong - What's Better Than Bar Fining Thai Sisters? Lesbian Twins!

I was sitting in Suzie Wong in Soi Cowboy on Saturday night and I had already bar fined 2 lesbian showgirls to come back to my hotel to put on a little show by double banging a 10 inch long cucumber while they gave my b/j’s. While I’m enjoying drinks with the 2 showgirls that I had bar fined a young attractive dancer walks up to me with a big smile. She says don't you remember me? Oh, damn! Here I go again! I really do bar fine too many dancers because I couldn’t remember her but luckily she reminded me soon enough.

She quickly says that she used to work at Baccara. I said oh sure.. (I still couldn't remember her). Anyway we got to chatting. She's 21 years old and told me that her sister now works at Baccara too. I said really? How old is your sister? Younger or older? She says same age as her. 21 years old! WTF???

I said: “Wait! You mean to tell me that your twin sister is dancing in Baccara?????”

She says: "Yes". 

Then I asked her: “Can you and your twin sister do lesbian with each other?” 

Answer: "Yes".

Me: “Bingo!”

I asked her if her sister was working in Baccara tonight? She said no not tonight.  I said are you working tomorrow night? She says “no” that she’s on holiday tomorrow but will be back on Monday night. I said I'll be in Suzie Wong at 8 p.m. Monday night and then I want you to take me straight to Baccara to find and bar fine your twin sister!!!! She agreed and then I was off to my hotel with the other 2 Suzie Wong lesbians.

That’s when I said my prayers:

Dear God,

Please don't let me die of a heart attack before Monday night. Afterwards I'm good to go.. But not before then. OK? I’m not asking for too much here!

Your friend the Bangkok Partier…

That’s Bangkok After Hours…

 - Bangkok After Hours

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