Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, May 6, 2013

11 Hour Marathon of Sex, Loud Music & Dancing... I Was Tired..

It was 6:22 a.m. Wednesday morning and I just walked into my hotel. I had the front desk girl change my wake up call from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. I had started my fun the night before at 7:40 p.m. in Soi Cowboy bar hopping Baccara and Shark bar before catching the BTS to Nana Plaza.

In Nana Plaza I did a run through Spanky’s and Rainbow 3 before heading over to Angelwitch. I asked the mamasan to find dancer #77. A real hot girl that Dave the manager of Angelwitch had pointed out previously.

She's a university student and I do believe in supporting higher education through ladydrinks and bar fines. While I was waiting I saw another hot girl #76 dancing on stage. Maybe not as a pretty face but I thought an even hotter body so I bought her a drink. The mamasan brings #77 over a few minutes later. She was waiting for a customer so she couldn't go with me right then so I decided to bar fine #76. She would only go up to a s/t room and not my hotel but I said why not. Once things got going she wanted me to finish quickly. I said soon baby. As in as soon as the phone rings telling us the time is up on the room that is.

By the time we finished she was happy enough with my performance to agree to go back to my hotel next time and gave me her phone number. When we finished I walked her back to Angelwitch and caught up with Dave the manager of Angelwitch.

Dave and I went upstairs where he pointed out a couple of hotties in Las Vegas and then some girls in Billboard. The stage in Billboard was filled with so many smoking hot girls that it was damn hard to decide on who I liked and hard to go wrong. While I was checking the dancers out the mamasan brought over a showgirl that I had agreed to bar fine. We made plans for the next night at 1 a.m. when she finished her shows. Then another showgirl I recognized and had bar fined last year came over too. She does the hot wax show so I bought her a drink as well.

It was time for the showgirls to do their thing so that gave me a chance to talk to one of the hot girls that had just been dancing on stage. But I was really searching for a dancer that I had seen a couple of nights earlier.

Meanwhile I enjoyed watching the showgirls doing a light lesbian show.  After the lesbian show a new group of girls come out to do a beer bottle show where they shake up the beer and spray it everywhere. They don't get quite as carried away with the beer bottles as they do in Suzie Wong but it's entertaining. When the showgirls had finished and the regular dancers came back on stage I finally spotted the girl I was looking for #46 dancing in the middle of the stage.  I quickly waved her over and told her I’d buy her some drinks. Off the stage she comes and we chat some more. It turns out that she was 22 years old and had only been dancing 8 days.

She told me that she was a university student on break trying to earn some Baht to pay for school before classes start at the end of April. I really like this time of year! Now that I know the university students have off at this time of year I'm coming back to Bangkok every year the first week in April!!!

I bought the dancer 2 tequilas and then bar fined her. She said she couldn't stay long time as she was moving into her own room the next day. Up to now she had been sleeping at the bar. We grabbed a taxi and were soon back to my hotel on Soi 23.

Once things got going back in the room I was very surprised at how hot and enthusiastic this girl was. Perfect skin. No tattoo's or scars. After spending an hour dancing around the bed with this hot girl I told her that I wanted to finish by blowing the old geyser in her mouth but she shook her head no.

I asked if her Thai boyfriend or few other customers had ever gone off in her mouth before and she said no. She had never taken the creamy filling in her mouth! Well, it took a little convincing and the promise of an 500 extra Baht but she finally agreed to let me be the first to launch my rocket inside of her mouth. With that agreed to what else could I do?

3, 2, 1..... We have lift off Houston... The rocket has left the pad... the booster has separated from the rocket…. Splash down….

After I finished with the Billboard dancer it was back to Soi Cowboy. I did a run through Baccara but didn't see the girls I was interested in. Then I walked over to Shark. I saw the model I had bar fined a few days before but she already had a customer. From there I went to Suzie Wong. A hot little lesbian showgirl I had promised to bar fine comes running up to me. I told her as soon as her lesbian show was over then I was good to go. She does a lesbian act with 2 other girls. I thought a about a 2 girl bar fine but was running low on Baht. This girl was also another university student. Damn! I set myself a new personal record for bar fining university students!! The only way for me to spend more time with Thai girls that were university students would be to enroll in a class at one of Bangkok’s universities!

When we finished it was 3 a.m. so I decided to walk back to Soi Cowboy and finish the night at the Corner Bar. But half way up Soi 23 I noticed a group of 3 massage shop girls dressed in miniskirts. I asked them where they were all going and they said dancing at Shock 39 Club. I said I'd like to go too so we waited for a taxi and then off we went. All the other nightclubs around Sukhumvit might be closed at 2:00 – 3:00 a.m. but Shock 39 is still open until 5:30 a.m. guys.

It only took the taxi about 5 minutes to get us to the club. Once inside the 3 massage girls I was with were soon joined by 2 other girlfriends. As I remember from last year’s visit to Shock 39 the music is still ear freaking splitting loud. Thank god I had a cotton ball to put in my ears (I carry a cotton ball in my wallet just for when I go to clubs). Laugh if you want but at least I can still hear the next day!

I watched as the Indian guys in the place would go up to a girl on the dance floor and time and time again got shot down in flames. I even saw some other massage girls from another shop on Soi 23 that I recognized. The 5 girls at my table seemed more interested in each other and every guy that tried to get something going with them struck out. I had already bar fined 3 young hot gogo girls from Angelwitch, Billboard and Suzie Wong that night so I really didn't need another girl for any more horizontal dancing back at my hotel at this point. I was pretty much screwed out. What I’d give to be 24 years old again instead of 54!!!

Most of the girls in Shock 39 seem to come in groups of 2 to 5 girls and pretty much stick together. At one point during the night a girl motions me over to dance with her on the stage. We chatted and then she said I'm a ladyboy.... I said “I know” but by the time I got up on the dance floor and realized it I had already committed. Besides the ladyboy danced and looked better than 90 percent of the girls in the club. (I really should consider contact lenses though). Besides what happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok unless you blog about every minute of your fun like I do… lol…

One annoying thing was whenever I did find an attractive girl to dance with one or two young drunk guys would try to cut in on me. It happened to me all night long. Now boys if you're in your 20's and your game is so lame that you need a 50ish guy to break the ice on the dance floor with a sexy girl at 4:00 a.m. then do us all a favor and stay home and read my next book titled "Bangkok After Hours Clubs for Dummies". Other young guys in designer clothes would stand there against the raised dance floor as if they were male models posing with the hope that a hot girl would take notice. Guess what? They didn't! Crash and burn boys! Crash and burn! Lol…

There are some freelancers in the club but they seem to play it cool until 5:00 a.m. With only 30 minutes to go to closing time then they go for it. This one drunk freelancer tried to entice me. I said how much do you want? She said 3,000 Baht! I said how old are you? She said 37!  WTF????  3,000 Baht for a 37 year old freelancer at 5:00 a.m.???? No thanks! I can get a 20 year old girl that’s been dancing 1 day at Soi Cowboy for 2,000 Baht! Why in hell would I pay 3,000 Baht for a 37 year old freelancer with way too much mileage on her odometer????  Needless to say she walked out alone…

Two of the girls in the other group of massage girls I know from Soi 23 got lucky and managed to get two young drunk guys to hang onto on the way out the door.  Despite this it's not a place I'd recommend a serious bar monger go to with the intention to pick up a hot freelancer. There are too many young drunk guys and way too few hot girls. What is available are plenty of high mileage freelancer types and several ladyboys thrown into the mix. Stick to Club Insanity on Sukhumvit Soi 12 guys!

At 5:30 a.m. the club finally closed and I said my goodnights to the massage girls. They didn't seem interested in any extra activity and neither did I. I had a taxi take me back to Soi Cowboy. The Corner Bar had just closed but a couple of sidewalk bars were doing a brisk business. But I decided to walk down to McDonald’s to get something to eat. Walking back to my hotel down Soi 23 at 6:18 a.m. a massage girl waves to me through the door so I walk over. She said you want a massage? WTF??? I said it's 6:18 a.m. and you want to give me a massage? Isn't it a bit early or late? A couple of the girls inside were actually awake. I said I was too tired. Maybe later..

It had been an 11 hour marathon of sex, loud music and dancing... All I wanted to do now was sleep... I could get a massage tomorrow…

That’s Bangkok After Hours..

 - Bangkok After Hours

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