Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

3 Way Shower Fun With Long Gun & Suzie Wong Dancers...

It was 8:00 p.m. and I started off bar hopping in Shark bar and Baccara in Soi Cowboy. I found another new girl on the first floor of Baccara but decided that I wanted to pull from the second floor dancers, the ones that peel off those tight white shirts. After some deep thought as to which girl I liked best I found a cutie and bar fined her. She was good to go and a lot of fun back in the hotel room but the night was early and I had a lot of partying planned.

Afterwards I went back to Suzie Wong where I spotted a tall thin dancer with legs that looked like they could wrap around you like a pretzel. She told me that she was 24 years old and had only been dancing 4 months. I quickly bought her a drink and bar fined her. Back at the hotel she gave a very energetic performance. Good enough that I thought that might have to bar fine her again.

By now it was 1:00 a.m. so I headed to Long Gun gogo bar to find my favorite dancer / Bangkok University student that I like to take long time. (By the way I don’t keep track of the names of the university the dancers go to its simply much easier for me to call them all Bangkok University).  I soon found her and asked if she would be doing the shower show tonight? She said she had already done the shower show earlier so another group of 3 girls was about to do the late show. Damn! I missed it again! But then I thought about it and I figured if I can't get to the bar in time to see her show then I'll bring the show to her.

I went up to the stage where the 3 girls were starting to spread bubbles over their naked bodies and I scooped up a handful of foam and took it over to my girl who was at the other side of the bar with her back to me. Then to her surprise I proceeded to rub that hand full of bubbles all over her bare breasts.... Hmmmmmm…..

I soon bar fined my favorite girl and told her to bring the bikini that I had bought for her at MBK. I told her that I’d keep her long time so that we could go swimming in the afternoon. After she changed I walked her over to Suzie Wong to see the lesbian shows. My Long Gun girl wouldn't agree to a full course lesbian performance but I asked her that if I bar fined a Suzie Wong showgirl if she would lick the other girls breasts and let the Suzie Wong girl lick her nipples? Hmmmm???

It took some begging on my part but she finally agreed!!! I picked a tall 20 year old dancer that had only been working in Suzie Wong 4 days. She wasn't a lesbian either but had agreed to my request for some nipple licking so I quickly bar fined her too.

It was now after 2:30 a.m. The night was quickly fading away. Back at the hotel I had both girls shower together while I watched them taking turns sucking each other’s nipples and spreading the soapy bubbles on each other’s breasts. (Don’t you just love in room entertainment???)

Then my Long Gun girl asked me if I wanted to join them in the shower and let me tell you that she didn't have to ask me twice! lol.. I had the Long Gun girl licking the nipples of the Suzie Wong girl while the Suzie Wong dancer was giving me a b/j. We soon moved the activity out of the shower and to my queen size bed where we could spread out and continue the action.

It was the first time for both girls to have licked the breasts of another girl.... I really should be a professional bar girl trainer....I was just having too much fun!

After 2 hours of fun the Long Gun showgirl and I walked the Suzie Wong Dancer back to Soi Cowboy about 5:00 a.m. Then I took the Long Gun dancer to get something to eat at the Love Scene Restaurant. 

A drunk Russian was having a loud and angry argument with an American in the restaurant. I thought for sure it would come to blows but the ladies in the restaurant eventually pushed the cursing American out the door and put up with the Russian because he apparently had plenty of Baht to spend getting drunk. After the Long Gun girl and I finished eating it was back to the hotel to sleep. We didn't get up again until 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon and then I went for round two! 

Afterwards I had her change into the bikini that I had bought her at MBK and then we went to the pool on the roof for a half hour of baking in the hot Bangkok sun. I walked the Long Gun dancer back to Soi Cowboy at 3:35 p.m. All in all not a bad way to spend a night, morning and afternoon in Thailand.  

That's Bangkok After Hours...

 - Bangkok After Hours

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