Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Angelwitch Showgirls - Nana Plaza - That's a Bar Fine for Two...

It was 12:15 a.m. and I had just left Patpong in a taxi 10 minutes before after spending a few hours visiting Club Electric Blue, The Black Pagoda and numerous ladyboy bars.

Finally I was back in Nana Plaza and I made my way straight to Angelwitch. I had promised their newest showgirl previously that I'd be back to bar fine her tonight. I grabbed my favorite bar stool by the stage and then I waved the mamasan over and asked the mamasan to find the showgirl for me. A few minutes later the mamasan brings over my hot little showgirl. By the way one of the sexy shows she does (in the nude) is with another girl. They peel a banana and each girl sticks one end of the banana in their mouth to give it a simulated deep throat b/j!!!! It’s very, very entertaining to watch! I bought her a drink and told her I’d bar fine her after she finished her last show at 1:00 a.m.

While the showgirl was changing outfits for her next show 2 other show girls come out on stage. In this show the girls squeeze strawberry jam on the nipples of the other girl and lick it off. But the best part was that I was sitting at the stage with Dave the manager of Angelwitch. Sitting at the stage just happens to be the audience participation showgirl zone guys. Dave motioned to the 2 showgirls to come over close to me during the show. One girl then squeezes the strawberry jam onto her nipples and then invites me to lick it off both nipples! Damn! What's a Bangkok blogger to do? Did I offer to volunteer my services? I mean the show must go on. Right?

I leaned over the stage and stuck out my tongue out and licked and sucked both nipples on the showgirl clean of the strawberry jam. That's what I did! Wouldn't you??? Damn right you would! I just hope there wasn’t a Japanese tourist taking video with a hidden camera. That would be a bit embarrassing to find on YouTube later. Not to mention if my ex-wife ever saw it she would burn the video clip to a DVD and mail it to my mom at Christmas. She’s a spiteful bitch. (My ex-wife not my mom).

After her show I invited the strawberry jam showgirl over for drinks as well. How could I not buy her a drink when I had just licked and sucked strawberry jam off her nipples on stage while a whole bar full of guys watched me in envy???  When my banana showgirl came over she said if you like my friend we can do a lesbian show for you back at your hotel. Hmmmmmmm…. Thinking……

I had planned to just bar fine the banana showgirl and then come back for the strawberry girl the next night but since they could do a lesbian act together I said what the hell. That's a bar fine for 2 Angelwitch show girls mamasan! I paid the bar fine and when the girls changed I walked over to Dave and said “I hope you don’t mind but I decided to bar fine both showgirls!” He wished me well and then I was out the door with the two showgirls to get a taxi on Sukhumvit.

When we got back to the hotel it turns out the girls had only done light lesbian before nipple licking and kissing. The banana girl had never had another girl actually go down on her but the strawberry girl had done that before so she was happy to oblige and dive right in.

Then it was time to switch. The strawberry showgirl said that she had dined at the "Y" before but that she had never had a girl do her! Well that was about to change! So I had the other girl go to work and she ended up giving the strawberry show girl her first lesbian orgasm! Don’t you just love nights filled with first time fun???

I ended up going through 7 condoms with these 2 sexy girls. Damn! It was 3:05 a.m. when I finally finished with the 2 Angelwitch dancers. They got a taxi outside my hotel and I walked back to Soi Cowboy.  But I wasn’t finished yet. I was going to look for one last girl to end the night with…..

That’s Bangkok After Hours..

 - Bangkok After Hours

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