Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bangkok's Shock 39 Club & Taxi's..

I was taking a taxi from Nana Plaza back to Soi Cowboy one night and I mentioned to the taxi driver that I might go to Shock 39 Club later. He got all excited and handed me his business card and asked me to call him if I do. I asked him how much does Shock 39 pay taxi drivers to bring over customers???

The taxi driver said that for a single customer he's paid 100 Baht. If 2 people are brought over he's paid 400 Baht! I guess that's one way to fill up your night club. I guess the 300 Baht cover charge is used to pay off the taxi drivers. From a marketing perspective it’s not a bad way to steer business to your club. But it also reminds me of the tuktuk’s that try to steer you to massage shops that pay them to drop of customers.

It also makes the club look more popular than it really is. Especially since the club is overflowing with guys that the taxis are dropping off. As a result the male tourists appear to outnumber the girls in the club at least 3 to 1. Not exactly great odds for a serious bar monger looking for a hot late night pick up!

The club would do much better if they told the taxi’s they would tip them double for any girls they dropped off at the club and not just guys. Fill a club full of hot young Thai girls and the single guys will find out about it soon enough and share that info with others! Then you’ll have a rocking after hours club!

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