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Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Save 900 Baht in Lady Drinks & Beer Per Night in Bangkok..

One of my Facebook followers asked me to write something about the cost of lady drinks and more importantly what I do to help keep that expense under control. If you don’t the cost of lady drinks can spiral upward quickly taking away Baht that you want to use for short time fun later in the evening.

Let’s use Baccara in Soi Cowboy as our example. I like Baccara. It has lots of hot girls but it’s no secret that Baccara is the most expensive bar in Soi Cowboy to have fun in. I think of Baccara like a mini version of a membership club. You don’t pay for a membership but you damn well pay for overpriced drinks.

Scenario #1: Let’s say you walk into Baccara and take a seat on the second floor. You see a girl dancing topless that you like and wave her over. You ask her if she would like a drink and she agrees. The dancer tells the service girl what she wants. That’s your first mistake.

A couple of minutes later the service girl brings the dancers drink over. A mixed drink of whisky and ginger ale. She pops the tab into your drink bin and congratulations you just bought a 300 Baht premium lady drink! Now if you’re like me you might see another girl that you like and buy her a drink too.

When you decide which girl to bar fine you find out that Baccara has a 2 drink minimum before the girl can leave! You just paid 900 Baht for 3 lady drinks and probably 200 Baht for your beer. Add another 600 Baht for the bar fine and 2,500 Baht for the dancers company and you’re shelling out 4,200 Baht.

Scenario #2: Go to Baccara and grab a seat upstairs. Wave a girl over for a drink. But before she has time to talk to the service girl you’re going to tell the service girl to bring the dancer a tequila. (Which in Baccara is the smallest shot glass you’ll ever see. I mean seriously the cap on my toothpaste is bigger.) Then invite another girl over for a second tequila (about 200 baht). Decide quickly before the girls have to dance again and then buy one more tequila for the girl you want to bar fine. Pay the bar fine and be out of the club in 10 to 15 minutes.

Now if you want to slow down some tell the service girl to bring the dancer a coke, again for about 200 Baht. Don’t ask the dancer just tell the service girl what you want her to bring over. Now you’ll be out the door for 3,900 Baht as opposed to 4,100 Baht. Savings over scenario #1: 300 Baht.

Now a 300 Baht difference doesn’t sound so bad if you do it just once a night. But let’s say you party like I do and bar fine 3 dancers every night? If you’re going for scenario #1 each time you’re paying 900 Baht more each night. Stay in Bangkok for 10 nights and its costs you an extra 9,000 Baht. Go with scenario #2 and that 9,000 Baht savings could buy you five 40 minute massage specials at EZ Massage on Soi 24!

I’ve found that the more experienced dancers that have worked the longest will most often try to get you to buy the overpriced mixed drink that’s 99 percent soda and 1 percent whisky. It’s one reason I like to go for the newest girls. They haven’t learned that bad habit from the more experienced girls yet. And actually it’s not really a bad habit. It is a bar and it’s a business after all. But as the customer you just have to be the one to stay in charge of ordering all the drinks. Yours and any of the dancers sitting with you. If you don’t then don’t be surprised at the size of your bar tab when it’s time to leave.

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