Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, May 31, 2013

I Ordered Another 40 Bar Girl Toys..

I just ordered off ebay another 40 rings that I give away as bar girl toys in Bangkok. This batch is a bit flashier so I’ll reserve these for the showgirls, stars of the bar and helpful mamasans… Sure I could just pass out Baht as tips but the rings are cheaper: $1.00 US Dollar each = 29 Baht. Plus the rings create more buzz and excitement among the girls. Besides giving away assorted rings is a bit more unique and makes you stand out from the crowd. I mean how many guys walk around with bags of rings in their cargo pants pockets to give to bar girls???

What I usually do is let the server girl that brings me my first drink pick a ring. She then goes off to show the other server girls. Then I let a dancer that catches my eye have a ring and of course she shows the other dancers. In very short order all the server girls and dancers are coming over to me wanting a ring. How do I know what size to bring? I don’t. That’s why I make a bulk purchase of assorted sizes. For the girls it’s a bit like a treasure hunt trying on different rings to find one that fits… Lol..

That’s Bangkok After Hours… Getting the party started!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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