Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Japanese Teen Runs up $54,000 Bar Tab on Dad's Credit Card..

I love this next story that I read in MSN News. A 16 year old boy in Japan borrowed his dad’s American Express Platinum Credit Card and then took his friend to high end nightclubs and hostess bars drinking whisky and $3,700 bottles of champagne! Must have been a hell of a party!

Of course in these Japanese hostess clubs you’re paying for beautiful women to sit with you too. Can’t really blame the boy can you? Teenage hormones and all….

The good news for the dad is that the court ruled that the bar owners and American Express were responsible for the majority of the expenditures for letting it happen.

The bad news for dad is he still has to pay $7,800. But considering he has a Platinum Card and that American Express didn’t blink an eye as to the son’s night of racking up charges in bars my guess is that dear old daddy is loaded and can afford it.

But the really bad news here? Despite racking up $54,000 Dollars in bar tabs in high end hostess bars the kid and his friend apparently didn’t even get laid!!!! Lol….

If he had only bought a plane ticket to Bangkok…. Think of the party he could have had with $54,000 in charges in Rainbow 4 in Nana Plaza!

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