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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Japanese Tourist in Pattaya Conned Out of 100,000 Yen...

Also from Pattaya One News today is the story of a 49 year old Japanese tourist that was conned out of 100,000 Yen, about 29,000 Baht or $1,000 US Dollars, by two con men of middle-eastern origin at the D Beach Restaurant on Pattaya Beach.

As the tourist was sitting in the restaurant with a friend he was approached by the two men. The two men attempted to make friends with the Japanese tourist and after long conversation the discussions turned to money. The two men asked the Japanese tourist if he had any Japanese money to look at.

The tourist feeling relaxed handed over a wad of Japanese Yen to the men who then handed it back and left the restaurant. The Japanese tourist checked his money after he had left the restaurant and realized that 100,000 Yen was missing!!!

Commentary: Wait! If the Japanese tourist realized that 100,000 Yen was missing (about $1,000 US dollars) then how much cash did he hand these con men that he didn’t notice $1,000 dollars missing???? Exactly how many beers did this guy have??

I’d say this tourist wins the “Pattaya Fool of the Week Award.”  All I can say is: Hey buddy! I’d like to see some Japanese Yen too! Can you mail me a couple of hundred thousand Yen to look at to my PO box? I promise to mail it all back after I “look at it.”

 - Bangkok After Hours

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