Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Ladyboy Runs Naked from Room of 3 Iranians in Pattaya...

From the Holiday Pattaya blog is the rather amusing story of an Iranian tourist that picks up a ladyboy with the full snip, clip and clit on Walking Street and takes the ladyboy back to the Iranians room. After sex the Iranians other 2 friends want a go but refuse to pay so the ladyboy goes running out of the room naked! When the ladyboy returned briefly to grab her clothes the 3 Iranians detained her and called police. They Iranians wanted the police to force the ladyboy to pay the other 2 Iranians 2,000 Baht each because the ladyboy wouldn’t have sex with them for free!!

Commentary: So the Iranians accused the full snip, clip and clit ladyboy of trying to steal their phone and then wanted police to force the ladyboy to pay 2 of Iranians 2,000 Baht each because she wouldn’t have sex with them!! Lol.. Don’t worry guys. I’m sure there must be a stray goat tied up to a pole somewhere in Pattaya… Oh, and the ladyboy told police why would she want to steal the Iranians old and cheap Nokia phone when she uses the latest iPhone 5???? Lol… I only wish someone had a video to upload to YouTube if this one!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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