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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Las Vegas GoGo in Nana Plaza Renamed Tokyo Player...

From Nana Journals comes big news from Nana Plaza today. Apparently Las Vegas gogo bar has been renamed Tokyo Player. I’m a bit confused at this since Las Vegas gogo just announced a grand re-opening party on May 3rd but hadn’t mentioned anything about a name change at that time??

I always thought Las Vegas had much more potential but it was under-utilized in my opinion. But it was more a victim of Billboards’ success next door than anything Las Vegas did wrong.

With the new name being “Tokyo Player” I can only assume that they will try to make it more of a niche gogo aimed specifically at the Japanese market. That’s a smart move from a marketing and sales perspective. Just take a look at Rainbow 4 on the second floor and see how successful it is with the Japanese tourists. The same could happen with Tokyo Player.

If anybody has been in there since the name change let us know!! I for one will miss Las Vegas gogo. One of my best bar fines ever was a first night service girl there!

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