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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long Gun GoGo Bar - 3 Way Bar Fine Battle.. Patience Wins The Day....

It was midnight on Friday when I walked the 20 year old university student I had bar fined earlier back to Long Gun bar. The bar was packed at this time of night as it was show time. I was looking for the new 23 year old pole dancing showgirl that I had promised I’d come back for when I bar fined the university student at 10:00 p.m.

The 23 year old dancer is by far the best looking of the Long Girl Showgirls and one of the most attractive in Soi Cowboy. She also has the best pole dancing moves in Long Gun which attracted my attention. (I’d find out later that she had some great moves in the bed too!)  She is easy to spot in the Long Gun bar in Soi Cowboy if you're headed to Bangkok soon. Her number is #80 and she has a large dragon tattoo going down the left side of her back. She also has a large scorpion tattoo on her ankle.

I asked the mamasan to help me find the showgirl as I couldn’t find her at first. The mamasan told me that the showgirl got tired of waiting for me and now had two new customers. Damn!

With my immediate bar fine plans foiled I went bar hopping from Shark, Baccara, Tilac, Suzie Wong and then back to Long Gun. The showgirl had two guys about 25 years younger than me buying her and another dancer drinks.

These two guys looked more like they just walked out of the Yacht club at a Marina boat shoes and all, rather than seasoned bar mongers. But I decided after watching these two guys that they just might be all show and no go when it came to bar fine time. I patiently waited and waited while the minutes and hours ticked by slowly. To keep myself occupied I bought drinks for my regular showgirl that’s a Bangkok university student keeping my left hand cupped around her bare breast. I could have bar fined her but she knew that I wanted the new girl and didn’t complain any.

It was now about 2:45 a.m. and the two guys still hadn't decided to bar fine the showgirl that I wanted. So far, so good. The odds were shifting in my favor.

It was time at long last for the Bangkok Partier to swoop in an attempt to walk out with the prize before the bar closed. My favorite showgirl speaks great English, so I explained to her that if the guys the showgirl was with weren't going to step up to the plate and bar fine her then I would. I asked her to go over and talk to the showgirl who was now dancing on stage.

When my favorite girl came back she said that the other showgirl was mad at me because she waited so long for me to return to bar fine her. I told her to go back over and tell the showgirl that when I came back she had another customer and that it wasn't really my fault but that I really wanted to bar fine her now. So my favorite girl goes back over to the showgirl a second time to give her my explanation.

After a minute the showgirl looks at me, smiles and gives me the "OK" sign with her fingers. Success was mine at last! Yes!!! The two Yacht club guys had spent hours buying drinks for the showgirl but choked when it came time for the bar fine!! Rookies!

Ten minutes later I'm walking arm in arm with the showgirl past the two Yacht club guys that had been buying her drinks all night long! They had a rather confused “WTF just happened?” look on their faces too. Lol… Thanks guys. You saved me a lot of Baht in lady drinks that night! I really appreciate it. Let's do it again sometime soon!

Did I feel guilty about knowing that these two rookies had spent a fortune in Baht buying lady drinks for the past 3 hours getting the new showgirl that I wanted nice and buzzed? No. Not one damn bit! I didn’t feel like I was poaching their showgirl. The two guys had 3 hours to decide whether to bar fine her and now it was closing time. What was I supposed to do? Walk over and show them how to close the deal? I don’t think so! I’m the Bangkok Partier after all not Saint Alex!

The showgirl and I walked out and grabbed a TukTuk on Soi 23 back to my hotel. As we started off with some horizontal dancing together back in my room the showgirl told me 2 things that I really love to hear:

"I love sex and I like big dicks.” 

I said no need to say more honey! I can help you out with both of those requirements tonight!!! I thought to myself “Thanks rookies! You don’t know what you missed out on!”

It was 4:20 a.m. when the pole dancing showgirl left my room… It had been hard for me to be patient since when I’m in Bangkok I want what I want when it comes to dancers and I want it now. But I had been forced to wait it out if I wanted to win the hottest most talented showgirl in the Long Gun GoGo bar and patience had won the day…

Score: Bangkok Partier = 1 versus Two Yacht Club Rookies = 00

That's Bangkok After Hours...

 - Bangkok After Hours

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