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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Patpong - What's Hot. The Bars! The Girls & The Ladyboys!!

It was going on 9:15 p.m. and I had just finished up a short time with a new dancer from Baccara. It was time to grab the MRT at Asoke and take it to Silom for my first night visit to the gogo bars of Patpong. I wanted to see what’s hot and what’s not. The good. The bad. The girls and the ladyboys!

The first thing I noticed after getting off the MRT and walking towards Patpong were the numerous and annoying sidewalk vendors. There are too many vendors that take up too much sidewalk. It’s totally insane. I ended up walking in the street dodging taxi’s and tuktuk’s to get around the damn vendors. If Bangkok would license and restrict the number of sidewalk vendors in Patpong it would be a boost to all the gogo’s, bars and other businesses.

I stopped by to take a look at the Japanese karaoke bars on Soi Thaniya before proceeding to the gogo bars in Patpong. Dozens of bored looking karaoke girls were sitting outside the bars waiting to entice Japanese customers.  Perhaps there were better looking girls inside because I was somewhat surprised at the lack of attractive girls sitting outside the karaoke bars.

When I finally got to Patpong I started touring the various gogo bars. I went up to the Black Pagoda which I liked. The stairway leading up to it though is dark, dirty and creepy looking. Dark and creepy as in you expect a serial killer to jump out and hack you to bits with a machete. That kind of creepy! Like something from a horror movie. It’s a bit unnerving even for a hardcore partier like myself. Some fresh paint and a few lights would work wonders to make the stairway to Black Pagoda look more like the stairway to heaven. As it is now it’s more like a stairway to hell. But at least they do have a good number of very friendly, fun and attractive dancers once you make it to the bar. This at least makes up for the creepy walk up the darkened trash strewn stairs.

The Strip bar was highly disappointing as there were only 2 girls dancing when I went in and it was going on 10:00 p.m. by then! WTF??? Bada Bing only had girls dancing on the first floor and none on the second. Again very disappointing.

There is good news though from Patpong!  I found the crown jewel of the gogo bars in Patpong is hands down Club Electric Blue. If there we're no other bars in Patpong, Club Electric Blue would still be worth the visit to party in and bar fine hot and fun Thai girls from!

First of all Club Electric Blue had a full lineup of very attractive ladies on stage. But even better is that these girls put the "F" in fun factor as they are very, very friendly and engaging with the customers. Think of CEB as a hybrid club that's a cross somewhere between Spanky's and Windmill in Pattaya. Attractive fun girls like Spanky's but also ones that get more interactive like the girls in Windmill (not as naughty and interactive as Windmill but still very entertaining). Overall it’s not a bad combination if you ask me. Spend a couple of hours in Club Electric Blue drinking beer, buying some ladydrinks and bar fining a hot friendly dancer and you won't leave disappointed! If you can’t have fun in Club Electric Blue then you should call you ex-wife and tell her you want her back. OK?

Let me explain further. As usual I had brought with me some flashing light up LED bracelets and necklaces which really got the girls attention. I only had a few LED necklaces and bracelets to give out but of course all the girls wanted one. So what did a couple of the more enterprising girls do to entice me to give them a bracelet or necklace over all the other girls in the bar? They lifted up their skirts to expose their bare bottoms, raised their legs and waved to me to come in for an up close and lips on inspection you might say and I don’t mean the lips on their face! Works for me!! Here's your flashing LED bracelet honey. Enjoy!

I also met and talked to RJ the American manager of the bar and told him that I was very impressed with both the bar and the Facebook photos he's been posting from the bar. All in all Club Electric Blue gets the Bangkok After Hours "5 Star Stamp of Approval” for "FUN" guys! Be sure to check out Club Electric Blue the next time you're in Bangkok and spend a couple of hours there! Hit it early or hit it late. Either way you'll thank me later!!!

After I said my goodbyes to the Club Electric Blue dancers I did a quick walk through the Kings Group of bars. I stopped in the new Kings Garden which is all ladyboys.

Kings Garden is the newest bar and although I've read and have heard that it contained a mix of ladyboys and ladies I can confirm for you that the bar is 100 percent pre-op ladyboys. There are no ladies in Kings Garden.

One of the ladyboys smiled at me when I walked in and I recognized her. I had seen her working the sidewalk on Sukhumvit near Nana Plaza my first night in Bangkok at 2:00 a.m.  She told me then that she worked at Kings Garden but I wasn’t sure I could believe her but here she was! I bought the ladyboy a drink and we chatted a bit. If you like ladyboys I do have to say that Kings Garden has a very attractive lineup of beautiful big breasted ladyboys. After a couple of beers you might be tempted to cross over the line to the wild side. Some of these ladyboys were model beautiful!!

For the professional or semi-professional bar monger then Patpong has a variety of good gogo bars that you should add to your list of must stops during every Bangkok stay!

It was now 11:40 p.m. and time to leave Patpong so I decided to grab a taxi to the MRT rather than fight my way through the tourists and sidewalk vendors. I hop in and tell the taxi driver “just take me to the MRT” and he says 40 Baht and I said fine. Except then the idiot goes turning off the street down side alleys. WTF? Where are you going???? Moron! I wanted you to just take me to the MRT at Silom! He goes so sorry, so sorry. He finally gets me to the MRT and I pull out 2 bills and give them to him. After he drives off I realized I just gave this idiot 200 Baht instead of 40 because at the bar I put the change from a 500 Baht note in my wallet in back of the 20's instead of in the front! Damn my stupidity! Now I was really pissed.

It was 11:45 p.m. and I hurriedly make it up the steps to the MRT and a security guard blocks me at the top. He says the MRT is closed. The last train has already run! Damn!  I turn around and head back to the street and flag a taxi. I say take me to Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 4 and he nods and goes driving off (in circles)???? I say don't you know where Nana Plaza on Soi 4 is? He shakes his head no and says: “Sorry, I don't know." WTF???? How can you be a taxi driver in Bangkok and not know how to get to Nana Plaza one of the more famous destinations for foreign tourists?????

So I jump out of the taxi and don't pay him any Baht. Then I hail another metered taxi (my third taxi in the past 20 minutes) and of course he wants 100 Baht to take me to Nana Plaza and doesn't want to use the meter. I said fine just get me there. It took less than 10 minutes in traffic to get to Nana Plaza. At least this driver knew how to get there. By 12:05 a.m. I was walking into Angelwitch looking for a showgirl I’d seen there previously… It was bar fine time….But that’s tomorrow’s story….

That’s Bangkok After Hours.

 - Bangkok After Hours

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