Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Suzie Wong Lesbian Showgirl & The Temptations Ladyboy...

I had decided long ago that this trip to Bangkok would be all about sex shows. If I couldn't see them in a bar then I'd do my best to arrange them to happen in my hotel room. I'd already had a Suzie Wong lesbian showgirl take it up the back door by a Cockatoo ladyboy the night before.

I decided that I still needed to refine this little adventure so why not go for round two? At 8:00 p.m. I went to Suzie Wong in Soi Cowboy and talked to two of the Lesbian showgirls. The one that I had bar fined the night before and another 20 year old showgirl with blond hair. I told them what I had in mind and that I would be back around 8:30 p.m. to select one of them to do a show with a ladyboy.  But first I had to head down to Temptations in Nana Plaza to bar fine a ladyboy there.

When I got to Temptations the popular big breasted ladyboy with the longest landing gear wasn’t there. She’s very popular and gets bar fined early and often. I talked to the mamasan about the type of ladyboy that I was looking for and she steered me to dancer with badge #1. I asked her if she could do a show with a lesbian and she said yes and agreed to do it for 2,000 Baht. I bar fined her and took the ladyboy back to Suzie Wong in Soi Cowboy.

I invited the 2 lesbian showgirls over and started negotiations to see which one I would bar fine. I had tipped the lesbian with the log dark hair from the previous night 3,000 Baht to be double banged but I wanted to try to keep the cost under better control so I said I’d tip the girl I’d select 2,000 Baht for tonight’s show and front door action with the ladyboy.

The ladyboy of course heard that I had tipped the other girl 3,000 Baht the night before and then she wanted more too!  Damn! But I said you agreed to 2,000 Baht back at the bar. I can send you back to the bar now. Back and forth we go again and again.  After much negotiation I finally agreed to tip both the lesbian I’d select and the Temptations ladyboy 2,500 Baht each for a show.

I decided to select the lesbian with the dyed blond hair that hadn't been with a ladyboy before instead of the same girl that I had bar fined the previous night. During all this back and forth negotiation I found out during all of this that the blond and her friend with the dark hair that I had bar fined the night before really were lesbian girlfriends / lovers! But the brunette got a bit pissed because I had selected her girlfriend even though the previous night I had selected the brunette for a ladyboy ass banging and double bang. Now she was mad at me that I didn't select her again tonight.

Here I was with this 3 way lesbian love triangle going on. Jesus! I decided I could deal with that later. I bar fined the lesbian with the blond hair and then she, the ladyboy and I grabbed a TukTuk back to the hotel. I could make it up to the other lesbian tomorrow.

First I had the blond lesbian showgirl give me a b/j while the ladyboy went to work banging the Suzie Wong showgirl’s front door. It was a first for the lesbian as she had never had a ladyboy bang her before. But guess what? The lesbian told me that she thought the ladyboy was sexy and liked getting banged by her!!! Damn! You have to love those Suzie Wong showgirls. They are a kinky bunch of dancers!

Having learned from my past mistakes, as soon as the ladyboy was done with the lesbian I paid her to leave. I wanted to get the ladyboy the hell out of the room before she tried to ask for more Baht. This way I could now take my time with the lesbian.  After the ladyboy had left I asked the showgirl why was her girlfriend in Suzie Wong so mad at me?

The blond lesbian told me that her girlfriend that I had bar fined the night before really liked me so that was why she was mad when I didn't bar fine her again. I asked the blond why does her lesbian girlfriend like me? She said it was a because I had a big dick.. lol.. (I don’t make this stuff up guys. I just report what happens and what the girls say!)

That’s Bangkok After Hours…

 - Bangkok After Hours

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