Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wildest Bar Fine Ever - Lesbians, Banana's, a Cucumber, KY, Levitra & Me...

It was 4:52 a.m. in Bangkok and I had just walked into my hotel room. Last night was a truly epic and legendary bar mongering adventure by any standard you want to use. It was certainly one of the most entertaining nights that I had ever had in Bangkok.

I had prepared for the night by buying some party supplies at Villa Market earlier in the day and I had already taken my nightly dose of Levitra to keep me going strong long into the evening. I was planning to party and to party hard you might say.

But let’s start at the beginning: It was 7:50 p.m. when I hiked up Soi 23 to Soi Cowboy. First I made a quick walk through Baccara and Shark bar before heading to Suzie Wong. I was looking for 2 of the lesbian showgirl lovers to bar fine. I soon found one dancer and bought her a drink but was told the other girl wasn't feeling well so she wasn't coming in that night. Damn! Ok. On to Plan B.

That’s when I spotted my favorite Suzie Wong showgirl. She’s the one that does the baby oil show and I invited her over for a dink too. She speaks pretty good English which is plus. Then I spotted one more big breasted dancer and so I invited her over to make it a party of 3 girls and me.

I told the baby oil show girl that I was interested in a very special lesbian show back at my hotel. She wanted to know what I had in mind. That's when I pulled the banana from the Villa Market out of my cargo pants pocket and handed it to her. I asked her if she would be willing to do a show with another girl and the banana?

She not only said yes but added that she had actually done a show with a banana before! My lucky day! But the banana wasn't quite all I had in mind. Not at all! I had the baby oil showgirl pick the dancer that she liked best from the other 2 girls that I had bought drinks for.

The baby oil showgirl picked the big breasted new girl. The 20 year old big breasted dancer had only been dancing 2 weeks. (Good choice honey!) She told me that she liked the idea of teaching the big breasted showgirl some new licks and tricks. Hmmmmm… Works for me!

The baby oil showgirl explained to the new dancer what I had in mind in regard to a two girl lesbian banana show. The big breasted dancer quickly agreed to do the show as well so I paid the bar fines and we were back at my hotel by 8:25 p.m. I found out back at the hotel that the big breasted new girl had never done lesbian before. It was going to be her first time! (I love it when that happens!) 

After we all showered I got things started by having the baby oil lesbian go down on the new girl first. Then after 10 minutes I had them switch and I have to say that both the baby oil showgirl and I were impressed with how the new big breasted girl dove in with tongue licking enthusiasm to the task at hand. This girl was a natural. I could see that it wouldn’t be long until she's doing the lesbian shows on stage! 

For the second part of my private show I reached for the bananas. While the girls had been showering I had prepared the fruit by peeling back the skin of the two banana's half way and then cutting it off with scissors. Then I slipped a condom on the end of the banana that still had the peel on it and applied lots of KY and placed both bananas on the shelf by the bed.

Once the action got started I had the girls take turns using the bananas as dildos on each other! But I wasn’t about to stop there. While the bananas were inserted in one girl I had the other showgirl lean over and eat the exposed end of the banana out of the girl’s pussy! (You just can't get entertainment like this on cable!) But this wasn't the end of the show either! I was just getting things warmed up!

Next up was a very long 10 inch cucumber. I placed lubricated condoms on both ends and then had the girls get up on their hands and knees in doggy positions facing away from each other. Then I had them back each other’s ass up against the other girl. I took my time working each end of the cucumber into both girls pussy all the way and then I pulled the girls asses tight together. I got the Suzie Wong girls going in a nice rhythm while they double banged each other in a reverse doggy position!!!! Damn that was hot to watch! I felt like a porn movie director!!!

While the girls were double banging each other with the 10 inch cucumber I went around to each girl and had her give me a b/j during the fun. Now that the girls had been warmed up with both bananas and a cucumber it was finally time for me to take my turn with each showgirl.  While I was banging one girl I had the other dancer help me lick the nipples of the girl lying down and then we switched. God it was hot!!

I ended up finishing up with my geyser shooting off in the big breasted new girl’s mouth as the baby oil showgirl rubbed her clit and watched. It was now 10:35 p.m.  I had just spent a full 2 hours in a porn marathon with these two sexy Suzie Wong showgirls and I was exhausted and I mean exhausted. I tipped the dancers 2,000 Baht each for the lesbian, banana and cucumber show and then we grabbed a taxi back to Soi Cowboy. I was too tired to walk….

This was perhaps my best all time bar fine experience entertainment wise and it had been worth every damn Baht and then some! Quite frankly I considered getting the two showgirls to do all that I had them do for a 2,000 Baht tip each was quite a bargain. I would have gladly paid double for that little adventure but I didn’t need to. For the bar mongers that follow after me I set the entertainment bar high indeed…

My only problem now is how do I have an even wilder bar fine experience during my next trip to Bangkok? Perhaps I could add a can of Whip Cream and a bag of chocolate M&M’s to liven up the party? Hmmmmmm? Thinking….

I really do believe that Suzie Wong has become my new number one favorite gogo bar in Soi Cowboy…

That’s Bangkok After Hours...

 - Bangkok After Hours

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