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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

2 Indian Tourists Scammed by Jet-Ski Operator on Pattaya Beach..

From Pattaya One News is the story of 2 Indian tourist that had the misfortune to rent jet ski’s on Pattaya Beach for a 10 minute ride of 150 Baht. In a time honored tradition it was the tourists that got taken for a ride. The jet ski operators as usual found minor damage and had several friend surround the Indian tourists forcing them to pay 42,000 Baht for damages.

The Indian tourists went to complain to police who investigated and determined the damage was new and the cost of repairs realistic and that no scam had taken place.

Despite the police findings the jet ski operators must have been kind at heart and decided to refund 25,000 Baht to the tourists who were now low on money and needed cash to pay their outstanding hotel bill.

The jet ski operator wanted to make it clear that he did no wrong and would not want to leave the tourists without money for the remainder of their stay in Thailand.

Commentary: Police found that no scam had taken place and that the 42,000 Baht was reasonable for the damages. I’d like to know what the so called damages were. Scraped paint???? And the jet ski operator was really just a kind hearted misunderstood businessman so he decided to refund some of the money????  Hmmm..

I think there’s beach front property for sale in Afghanistan too. What really shocks me about this is that after all these years of warnings in every travel book written in every language not to mention every Thai blog there is about warnings not to rent jet ski’s in Pattaya that there are still enough idiot tourist that do so on a daily basis!!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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