Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Bangkok Bar Girl Nightmare.. Waking up in a Cold Sweat...

I was walking though Soi Cowboy one night just after the bars had closed. A bar girl comes running over to me and says that four word phrase that every bar monger either loves to hear or fears for the guilt and regret he feels. What is it?

“Don’t you remember me?”

In my case it was guilt and regret as I just couldn’t remember which bar I saw this girl in. This of course usually leads to a pissed off bar girl mad at you for not remembering her. But I did make it up to her by stopping by Afterskool and bar fining the dancer the next night.  So all ended well and with a happy ending you might say. But this leads me to the nightmare I have occasionally about that four word phrase “Don’t you remember me?”

The dream starts off with me walking down the middle of Soi Cowboy when all of a sudden a dozen scantily clad gogo girls come running out of all the bars to chase me down and corner me in the street. Then the girls take off their shoes and beat me to death with steel tipped spike high heels!!! Before I succumb to their beating and with my last breath I hear all the girls scream:

“You remember me now butterfly man?”

My soul promptly departs and is deposited in hell where the devil himself with his rather warped sense of humor is waiting for me. My eternal punishment? Chaining me to my 3 bitching and nagging ex-wives as they repeat over and over “Don’t you remember me?”

At this point I wake up in a cold sweat breathing heavily… It was only a dream! Thank you! But perhaps I should go to church on Sunday and confess my butterfly ways to a priest… Hmmm… On second thought he’s probably preoccupied with some altar boys…

I guess I’ll just have to carry my butterfly burden myself and pray it was only a dream and not a premonition of any future fate that awaits me!!

That’s Bangkok After Hours….

 - Bangkok After Hours

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