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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thai Lover Scams Aussie Farmer Out of 15 Million Baht!!

From the Bangkok Post is the tragic love story today of an angry 43 year old Australian onion farmer that flew to Thailand to file fraud charges against his 29 year old former Thai girlfriend. He is accusing the Thai girl of scamming him out of 15 million Baht!!!! ($500,000 US Dollars!)

The farmer told police his tale of a broken heart began when he hired the Thai woman to work for him on the farm in 2009. She was a hard worker and had a friendly personality and as such soon fell in love and they planned to marry.

The woman later returned to Thailand and supposedly tricked the Aussie into opening a company, offering summer courses in Australia to Thai students. The Thai girlfriend asked the Aussie to transfer about 12 million Baht to her bank account between September 2009 and November 2012. She apparently told the Aussie the money would be used to cover expenses…. Hmmmmm….. (Insert laugh track here).

At the end of 2012 the Thai girlfriend asked the Aussie to fly to Thailand to finally meet her parents to they could become formerly engaged. She asked the Aussie to pay a dowry (sin-sod) of 2,999,999 Baht! (I guess she thought rounding up to 3 million Baht would have been a red flag). Well, the Aussie swallowed hook line and sinker and agreed to pay the 2,999,999 to the girl’s parents!!! After he paid up and met the parents he returned to Australia alone.

Apparently the Aussie finally became suspicious (even if he was 15 million Baht too late). Starting at the beginning of this year the Thai woman stopped answering his phone calls and when he went back to Thailand to see her she refused to see him!

At this point the Aussie sent his lawyer to check into the Thai woman’s company that he had financed and to no surprise found it closed. The Thai girlfriend had since set up another company to smuggle Thai workers to Australia posing as tourists and exchange students!

The Aussie told police that he was completely taken in as he loved the Thai woman and planned to spend his life with her. The Aussie also found out that his former fiancé used his money to buy a nice new house and a car and that she had used similar scams to fool other foreign men looking for Thai love.

Commentary: The Aussie shelled out 15 Million Baht before he was even married to the Thai woman?????  Perhaps the Australian Embassy should use this guy as the new poster child to warn foreign men of falling victim to “love scams”.

I don’t know if this guy set a new record for being scammed over a 3 year period or not but if not he must be in the top 5 at least!!! Let’s see 15 million Baht that would be enough for 3,000 bar fines and short times. Enough to have a different girl every night for at least the next 8 years…..

I’ve heard of overpaying for long time but this guy wins the prize for sure! There is a positive side to this story though. I’m going out to plant an onion field… Who knew there was so much money to be made by being an onion farmer???

 - Bangkok After Hours

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