Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, July 8, 2013

3 Indian Tourists in Pattaya Fall For Under The Bed Massage Scam.

From Pattaya One News today is a rather amusing scam (unless of course you were the one scammed). Three Indian tourists were involved separately in an “under the bed” massage scam early Monday morning.

The 3 Indian men were targeted one by one by 3 Thai women they met on Pattaya beach. Each was taken in turn back to a rented room in Central Pattaya where they were promised cheap but pleasurable massages.

The men all took the bait and followed the women back to the room where they undressed for the massage. The ladies made sure the Indians tourists clothes were left on the floor next to the bed. What the tourists didn’t know was that a ladyboy was hiding under the bed and would take any money found in the tourists pockets before the conclusion of the massage.

After police received complaints from the first 2 tourists they located the apartment and arrested 3 women and the ladyboy. Police then had the entire group re-enact the crime.

Commentary: I should feel sorry for these guy’s but I don’t. It’s just too damn funny. Oh, and being photographed re-enacting the crime for police. That should make a really nice memory for the photo album to show the family back home. The moral of the story is if the price is too good to be true then you’re probably about to be scammed. But if you do pick up a Pattaya Beach freelancer tonight and she wants to take you to her apartment or rented room then that should be a red flag boys so be sure to check under the bed before you get undressed!!! Lol…..

 - Bangkok After Hours

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