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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

American Sliced & Diced to Death by Bangkok Taxi Driver..

From the Bangkok Post is a story of a taxi driver killing an American that worked in Bangkok with a small sword over the dispute of taxi fare. Apparently the American accused the taxi driver of jacking up the taxi fare and the two starting arguing.  The American then got out of the taxi refusing to pay. The fare at that point? 51 Baht. About $1.65 U.S. The American then threw a cup of coffee at the taxi driver.

The taxi driver was not amused and then opened the trunk of the taxi taking out a short sword in order to make his point more clear over the American having to pay the 51 Baht.

According to the taxi driver the American then came at him and the taxi driver proceeded to slash and stab the American until he fell bleeding to the ground. The taxi driver then drove away and told police that he didn’t think the American would die…. Police are conducting an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. Hmmmmmmmm…

Commentary: There’s not a trip I make to Bangkok where I’m not ripped off or attempted to be ripped off by a taxi driver. But it’s usually just a couple of U.S. dollars worth so it’s not worth fighting over and it’s damn sure not worth be killed over. As for the American it would seem he had 3 choices:

1: Pay the taxi driver and then get out and get another cab.

2: When the taxi driver pulled the sword take off running and screaming like a girl.

3: Walk towards the pissed off taxi driver holding a sword and commit suicide by impaling yourself on it.

In hindsight it would appear that the American made the wrong choice here. As for the taxi driver saying he didn’t think the American would die that’s a bit of a stretch after using the guy as a human pin cushion with his sword. It’s not exactly something a couple of Band-Aid’s are going to patch up. As for cause of death it would appear multiple stab wounds and massive blood loss would be a good clue here.

 - Bangkok After Hours

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