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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Crooked Police Kidnap 2 Italian Tourists From Nana Plaza ATM!

From the Bangkok Post is a bizarre story today of 4 Bangkok policemen along with a Uzbek man that kidnapped 2 Italian tourists while they were withdrawing money from the ATM at Nana Plaza on Monday night and held them for ransom! The 2 tourists had just landed hours earlier to start their vacation and had made their way to Nana Plaza. While using the ATM machine the gang of 4 policemen confronted the Italians and accused them of using a fake ATM card to withdraw cash!!!

The 4 crooked police demanded 2 million Baht from the tourists in exchange for not filing charges. The tourists negotiated a payment of 1 million Baht and were then taken to a hotel room on Sukhumvit Soi 57 and held there.

On Tuesday the police forced the Italians to phone relatives in Italy and ask that the money be transferred. The Italians being engineers outsmarted the crooked policemen and took the opportunity to tell their relatives in Italian about the ransom.

The relatives in Italy notified Italian authorities who then contacted the Italian Embassy in Thailand which contacted the Thai police.  The police were able to free the tourists held for ransom but amazingly the kidnappers fled before the officers arrived. Police have now dismissed the 4 officers from their posts.
Commentary: WTF? Kidnapped by crooked police from an ATM near or in Nana Plaza???? Holy shit! Even for Thailand this story is off the hook crazy! Isn’t it coincidental how the kidnappers managed to escape??

 - Bangkok After Hours

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