Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fantastic Buffet Breakfasts & Unlimited Towels.... (No)

I often read reviews of cheap hotel rooms in Thailand where the guests bitch about the lousy breakfast and that the hotel staff is so mean that they won’t give them any extra towels. But despite this they still stay at the hotel. Well cry me river as more often than not we’re talking about a 900 Baht or less per night hotel room.

If you want a better breakfast and more towels then stay at a better hotel that offers a real buffet and one that will provide extra towels (for) a fee. I almost always go out to eat breakfast myself and I actually pack a couple of cheap throw away light towels in my suitcase to supplement what I get from the hotel.

Service apartments have a laundry room so it’s convenient for me to wash and dry a couple of extra towels and sheets. But if you insist on staying in a cheap hotel then be glad if you get toast for breakfast, 2 small towels not much bigger than wash cloths and be satisfied with a room full of bugs. It is what it is.

Want better? Spend some more Baht. A much better hotel can often be had for only a few hundred more Baht per night. It’s your holiday so why not freaking enjoy it instead of spending every minute bitching about it and blaming the hotel staff in that cheap ass hotel you checked into???

 - Bangkok After Hours

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