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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Have a New Appreciation for VIP Rooms In Clubs & Bars in Thailand..

I had never really bothered much with VIP rooms in clubs, bars and discos in the past but after this last trip to Bangkok I’ve come to this conclusion:

VIP rooms are a bar mongers best friend for not only finding hot Thai girls but for finding above average smoking hot Thai girls! It would seem to me that the hotter girls seek out the VIP rooms because the cheap charlies don’t bother. That means the guys hanging out in the VIP rooms typically have a bit more Baht at their disposal for their party needs.
According to a Facebook friend that experienced the VIP room in the Pimp Members Club in Bangkok the VIP room is the only way to go to maximize your entertainment for that night and I agree 100%.

I also found the VIP room upstairs in the iBar in Pattaya to be loaded with above average ladies. To my surprise few guys seem to bother which is their loss. Whenever I go back to Pattaya I’m going straight to the VIP room in iBar from now on. You’re out of the crowd and the blaring music so you can actually hear what a girl might be saying. Always a plus right?
Nana Disco has a VIP area now. Buy a bottle and be entertained by some of their sexy coyotes sitting on your lap. Nothing wrong with that is there?
There are gogo bars that have what I like to call “unofficial VIP areas”. Think the 2nd floor in Baccara in Soi Cowboy or Walking Street for example. There are other gogo bars with 2nd floors where naughty things can happen too like Club X and even Shark bar in Soi Cowboy.

All and all I have a new found appreciation for VIP rooms in clubs and bars in both Bangkok and Pattaya. That’s also where you’ll most likely run into the Bangkok Partier in the future.
That’s Bangkok After Hours.. Partying in the VIP Room from now on!!!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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