Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Lucky Day! I Hit The Jackpot!!!

Well, no. I didn’t actually win a million dollar lottery although that would be nice wouldn’t it? But almost as good! I got 3 batches of my bar girl rings in today that I had ordered off ebay 2 weeks ago to replenish my stock for my next trip to Thailand in 2014.

Batch #1: 83 out of 130 gold plated rings are bar girl size. 64%
Batch #2: 70 out of 100 silver plated rings are bar girl size. 70%
Batch #3: 10 out of 30 gold plated cocktail rings are bar girl size. 33%

I couldn’t be happier with the first 2 batches. Most of the time when I buy in bulk regardless of quantity the averages are closer to 30% for the rings that are bar girl size. But the bigger rings don’t go to waste as these will fit sexy ladyboys, older mamasans and pudgy server girls.

That’s Bangkok After Hours…

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