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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pattaya Tourist Offered 200 Baht Massage – Costs Him 200,000!!!

From Pattaya One News is the story of a 65 year old Iranian born German that was offered a 200 Baht massage in his room from a 46 year old Thai woman he met on Pattaya Beach Road in front of a massage parlor. He apparently took her up on the offer. At his hotel the front desk staff informed the woman that she would have to leave her id and would only get it back if she returned with the tourist.

The German tourist with help of a member of the hotel staff explained that when they entered his room he went for a shower before the massage. The Thai woman then offered him a nice cold beer when he stepped out of the shower. He takes a sip and moments later is out cold. The tourist woke up 12 hours later and realized he had been robbed. Stolen was a gold ring worth 1,000 Euros, a gold necklace worth 4,000 Euro’s, 800 Euro’s in cash and 3,000 Baht. A total haul of about 200,000 Baht worth of cash and gold. The Thai woman unable to collect her ID card has of course disappeared.

Commentary: A 200 baht massage that cost him 200,000 and he didn’t even get a happy ending. Damn! So I gather that this woman didn’t actually work at the massage shop but was standing nearby? Good plan on her part. Poor choice for the tourist. Not to mention he picked a 46 year old woman to give him a massage???? Man this guy must need new glasses! Did he not see the 25 year old girls looking to offer him a massage???

 - Bangkok After Hours

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