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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pimp Club Is A Must Stop For Quality Entertainment!!!

The Pimp Club in Bangkok is a must stop for any guys that either work in Bangkok or visit more than once a year or stay for several weeks at a time and desire high quality entertainment and spending time with the most beautiful Thai girls in Bangkok. When I was visiting the Pimp Club on September 2nd, Peter the CEO of the Pimp Club gave me the grand tour of the entire club including all the VIP rooms. He advised and I agreed after making my own observations that reserving a VIP room is the best way to party at the Pimp Club.

The VIP rooms can all be booked by 11:00 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays so be sure to call the Pimp and make your reservation a couple of days in advance. Bring some friends to split the cost of the room and bottles. Once you’re in the VIP room the club will parade all the available sexy beauties for you to make your selection. The night I was there the Pimp Club had about 150 beautiful Thai girls in the club. Let me tell you it was like heaven on earth!
From one of my other Facebook friends that recently visited the Pimp after my recommendation he told me that he loves the place and also agrees that the VIP room is the way to go. Now if you’re going by yourself I would recommend that you bring a minimum of 20,000 Baht to party with if you plan to get a small VIP room. You might only need 15,000 Baht but it’s better to have a bit extra when going to a members club.

Oh and don’t worry about getting too drunk. If need be and you reserved a VIP room they’ll let you sleep it off in the room. How is that for customer service????   

Call to make Reservation: 0-87-360-3666. Do visit their Facebook page and print a map and their phone number. Taxi drivers seem to have a hard time finding the place as the club itself is sort off in a remote area by itself.

When you’re inside the club ask to see Peter and tell him Alex of Bangkok After Hours referred you. He’ll be happy to show you his club and the girls! After that get your VIP room and get your personal Pimp Club Party started!!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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