Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Some Guys’ Bitch More Than my 3 Ex-Wives..

Besides my Facebook page and blog I also posted excerpts of my latest trip on the Pattaya Addicts forum. You can’t believe how many guys there spend more time bitching that I save my best material for my own website or even the guys that only think 50% of what I post could be true. I can only laugh. It takes imagination, balls and the willingness to blow the Baht if you want to make things happen to party the way I do. Don’t blame me if you come up short in any of those 3 categories!

I started off my recent Bangkok trip report posting it on my Facebook and the Pattaya Addicts forum with 27 photos of above average hot Thai girls and a few ladyboys. How many other trip reports on Pattaya Addicts that you’ve read recently have posted that many girls photos????

As for having my own blog, website and Facebook and promoting it and the e-book yes I do. Why not? Should I only post my best material on other blogs and forums so that they can benefit from my material??? Maybe you’re a monk and give all that you have away for free but I spend quite a bit on my entertainment so if I want to reserve the best stories and put it in an e-book for the whopping price of $0.99 then that’s my business. Sure if there are cheap Charlie’s out there can’t even swallow that then so be it.

As for the stories they are 100% true and if you think they’re not then you’ve got no game, imagination or the Baht to make it happen. Oh and in regard to Club X it's on my Bangkok After Hours bar map. If you can't find it then get a GPS.

As for lying to the girls that it was my birthday yes I did. So what? It was all part of the game for me and the girls and ladyboys were happy to play along and it gave them a break in their day of waiting for customers. I was happy. They were happy. No harm. No foul. Don’t blame me if you lack creativity!

If my critics on Pattaya forum had game then they’d spend more time posting things of value or that others would find entertaining about the girls, ladyboys and bars of Pattaya and Bangkok. Some of those guys should call their posts “Bitch of the Day”. Really!

As for myself I’m in it for the party. I don’t have the time or the patience to cry about the writing style of others or that they want to keep their best material to their own blog, forum and Facebook pages, which is their right and business to do so.

Chill and go have a Singha beer on Soi 6 in Pattaya or Soi 4 in Bangkok!

That’s Bangkok After Hours…...

 - Bangkok After Hours

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