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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Hottest GoGo Girls in Bangkok Are In….

The hottest Thai gogo dancers and I mean the hottest and most beautiful girls can be found in the gogo bars of Soi Cowboy. Police are doing daily and random drug testing of the girls and staff in the Nana Plaza gogo bars and that has driven dozens of hotties to Soi Cowboy’s gogo’s, even the girls that don’t do any drugs. Apparently it’s really becoming a hassle among the girls, bar managers and owners.

Now on one had hand you can say that’s a good thing. Bar fining a girl less likely to be on drugs because of random and daily checking can be a good thing. But the truth is the hassle factor is scaring girls away by the BTS train car load to Soi Cowboy.  The daily police checks is even forcing the girls to cover up more although some skin and nudity has returned. It still can’t compare to what you’ll see in the Soi Cowboy gogo bars right now.
If you read my posts from my previous 2 trips to Bangkok then you know that this Bangkok Partier has bar fined many, many dancers from Billboard, Spanky’s, Angelwitch, Erotica and Rainbow3 & 4 in the past. However, I can tell you that this past trip I spent about 162,000 Baht in my entertainment (I went over budget by 60,000 Baht what can I say?) but out of that 162,000 Baht there wasn’t even one bar fine pulled from a Nana Plaza gogo bar. That’s right. 100% of my bar fines were made in Soi Cowboy gogo bars. The talent and beauty of the available girls were is such abundant supply in Soi Cowboy and I do mean abundant supply that I didn’t even need to go anywhere else to bar fine girls.

I did however catch some of the shows in Billboard and Angelwitch in Nana Plaza which I consider “a must do” during each trip to Bangkok.
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