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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Drive it Before You Buy it…. Works for Bar Girls Too…

There’s something to be said for walking into a gogo bar and going straight to the mamasan to bar fine one of the hottest or newest girls in the bar and walking back out with the dancer 5 minutes later. I admit I’ve done it a few times. On the plus side you haven’t spent any Baht on drinks for either yourself or the girl. You get right down to business.

But on the negative side bar fining a girl right off the stage that you’ve never even talked to is a risky proposition when it comes to long term performance and reliability. Think about. Would you walk into a car dealership and buy a brand new model car that you’ve only seen but have never taken for a test drive? What if the car handles poorly on the curves? What if that baby is underpowered? You get the picture.

Bar fining a bar girl is the same thing more or less. If you want the girl with the best performance than a short test drive is really necessary. Right? But the question is how best to accomplish that???

One of my Facebook readers has solved the problem! He had sent me a text a few weeks ago about how he found himself in one of the more entertaining and naughtier Bangkok gogo bars in Soi Cowboy around 2:00 a.m. one night. Oh and by more entertaining I mean that the girls dance completely nude all night!

So my Facebook friend found 2 girls that he really liked but he only wanted to bar fine one. How to decide which hottie to bar fine? What he did was buy the girls some shots of tequila and then gave them his best “let me test drive before I buy” pitch. Guess what? It fucking worked!

He managed to talk one dancer into unzipping him and giving him a quick blow job on the spot in front of the stage to showcase her oral skills! The second girl not wanting to be outdone climbed on top of the guy and lowered herself on his now raised flag pole giving him a quick hump while he’s sitting on his bar stool!!

I have to give the guy a lot credit for his nerve and creativity. I never had the balls to go this far in the bar myself but it certainly gives me a goal for my next trip to Bangkok.

Of course there are certain risks involved. For one you might pick the time when the cops have decided to raid the bar to check for employee drug use and proper licensing. Talk about getting caught with your pants down! Expect a fine at the very least.

Secondly there is some degree of risk from severe injury that could occur. I mean it takes some skill and sobriety to maintain your balance on a bar stool when your pants are down around your ankles and a naked bar girl is straddled across your lap riding you hard. You could easily lose your balance, fall over and crack your skull on the floor! Then the poor cleaning lady is left with scraping your brains off the floor.. Ok. So many that’s a bit overly dramatic but you see my point?

But overall and despite the potential risks “taking a bar girl for a short test drive before you buy” isn’t such a bad idea…

That’s Bangkok After Hours..

 - Bangkok After Hours

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