Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Chinese Tourists Have Bag Snatched on Soi Baukao..

From Pattaya One News today is the story of 2 Chinese tourists walking along Soi Baukao in the early hours of Monday morning when 2 men on a motorbike pulled up beside them and stole the woman’s handbag containing cash and her iPhone.

Using a second iPhone to track the stolen iPhone’s GPS signal the tourists were able to tell police that the stolen phone was on Soi 15 off Pattaya Third Road. Officers quickly made their way to the location but as they arrived the GPS signal was lost. Resorting to old fashioned police work they waited. Soon a Thai man emerged from an apartment building and appeared nervous when he spotted police. Police stopped and searched the man and there was the stolen phone. The thief told police he had taken the phone to a friend who was able to deactivate the GPS signal and was on his way to sell the phone to a Mobile Phone shop when police stopped him.

Commentary: So the thieves are getting smart enough to take stolen cell phones to someone to deactivate the GPS tracking now! Perhaps if the one guy is smart enough to do that he could actually get a real job???

 - Bangkok After Hours

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