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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Taxi Passengers Looted By Taxi Drivers Putting Chemicals in A/C…

From the Pattaya Daily News is a story so weird I can believe there might be some truth to it. The Thai FDA is warning both Thai and foreigner passers of taxi’s to be cautious of an illegal taxi scam that apparently has been going on for some time now and is on the rise. The scam happens when the taxi driver puts a chemical in the air-conditioning system that will make passengers in the back seat unconscious. Then the crooked taxi driver will plunder both your suitcases and your pockets! So far the chemical being used hasn’t been confirmed but Chloroform is suspected. Officials say that if you suddenly feel nauseous in the back of a taxi to roll down the taxi’s windows.

Commentary: WTF??? Is this for real??? Ok. I’ll bite. How is it the driver isn’t affected??? Is this in taxi’s that only have a plastic partition between the driver and passengers? If so I’ve never seen a taxi like that in Bangkok. As for myself I always jump in the front seat next to the taxi driver unless I’m bringing a bar girl back to my hotel.

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1 comment:

Florida Taxi Driver Blog said...

It sounds unreal and doesn't make sense.
I guess, local mass media don't want to write about real problems society struggles with every day
It happens in US too.... they create stories about crazy cab drivers