Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Quest for University Girls in Thai GoGo Bars…

One of my Facebook followers asked me yesterday about how I go about finding and meeting the university girls in the gogo bars of Bangkok and Pattaya. The short answer is download my Bangkok After Hours e-books on Kindle. Both books I & II of course!

The longer answer is it takes a fair bit of luck and practice. In Pattaya I’d say it depends more on luck. In Bangkok because it’s a much larger city the odds are much better.
If you really want to find the university girls that are dancing part-time to pay their way through school then the first thing you need to do is to increase the odds in your favor. Here are my tips for finding the elusive Thai university girls.

1: I’ve found that the university girls tend to favor the larger gogo bars where a friend might be dancing. We’re talking Baccara, Shark, Angelwitch, Rainbow 4, Billboard and Pimp Club for example. But even knowing this the task can be daunting as you’re talking 50 or more girls in the gogo. In Baccara or Pimp Club you’re talking 100 – 200 girls!
2: Next you need to narrow the field by eliminating all the girls with tattoo’s. Sure there might be a girl with a tattoo that goes to university but I’m talking about increasing your odds not taking the long shot!

3: In the bigger bars like Baccara look to the girls dancing at the back of the stage behind all the other girls. This is where the shy new girls tend to start off dancing.

4: Look for the girls that spend a lot of time chatting and giggling with a friend on stage. Again these will often be the newest girls and increases your odds of finding a university girl.

5: If all else fails and if the bar has a good and friendly mamasan ask her. She will know which brand new girls are part time university students. If she doesn’t then she’s not a very good mamasan!

That’s Bangkok After Hours…

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