Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

3 Indian Tourists Fall for Under the Bed Massage Scam..

From  Pattaya One News we have once again the continually amusing story of 3 Indian tourists that were walking down Pattaya beach just before dawn when they were approached by 2 freelancers that suggested the 3 tourists accompany them to their room for very cheap massages. (The story doesn’t say how cheap).

The Indian tourists thinking that they had hit freelancer gold agreed and made their way to a rented room on Soi 17. A third Thai woman soon joined them and the men undressed and were given massages on the bed together.

Unfortunately for the clueless tourists someone was hiding under the bed and emptied their wallets replacing Baht with blank paper and to add insult to injury stole the men’s watches. Soon after the massage began the women said they had to change rooms and left first. Some time went by and the Indians dressed and left the room but of course the ladies were long gone. Add it up and the 3 tourists were scammed out of 60,000 Baht in cash and watches.

Commentary: I guess if you consider 20,000 Baht per massage with no happy ending a cheap massage then the 3 guys got exactly what they bargained for. Lol……

 - Bangkok After Hours

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