Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bangkok on 12,000 Baht Per Day or 6,000 Baht?

I’m busy working on my plans for my next trip to Bangkok in April. Since my entertainment funds will be about 90,000 Baht less than the trip I took last April I’ve got to decide whether to party as usual or make adjustments. Of course there’s always the chance sales will pick up and so will my overtime but for now I’ve got to plan for a worst case budget scenario not the best case.

I can shorten my stay and burn through 12,000 Baht per day easily enough. The trouble with that is with a shortened stay I feel the pressure of every second ticking down. Besides being 54 years old and partying hard like that does put me in the past the red line risk of heart attack category. I would really prefer that my next book not start out with my obituary.

My other option and the one I’m leaning towards is double my stay but keep my daily budget closer to 6,000 Baht per day. Since I’ll be spending at least 6 nights in Pattaya and the rest of the time in Bangkok I think it’s doable. Rather than trying to bang 4 or 5 girls every night I’ll look for more high quality long time opportunities. I’ve been going to Bangkok often enough that it’s not like I don’t already know plenty of dancers and massage shop girls that are open to partying at the disco and then an overnight stay.

That’s Bangkok After Hours on a Budget…

 - Bangkok After Hours

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