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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Zealand Tourist Drugged By Ladyboy in Walking Street Disco

Pattaya One News brings us the biggest idiot of the week in Pattaya. In the early hours of Tuesday morning a 65 year old New Zealand tourist was walking along Walking Street when he was approached by a ladyboy who claimed to won a bar there. The tourist was escorted to the bar but when it came time to pay the bill he realized too late that he didn’t have enough Baht. (That’s usually bad news enough). The ladyboy then kindly escorted the tourist to an ATM machine to withdraw more money. But the tourist didn’t have a clue apparently about how to change the ATM instructions to English. Now what happens next is where the tourist earns the title “Biggest Idiot” in Pattaya award.

Since the tourist couldn’t figure out how to change the ATM over to English he handed his ATM card to the ladyboy and gave her the security PIN number to use the card!!!! WTF???? The ladyboy then helpfully withdrew 10,000 Baht. Afterwards the two head off to a nearby disco on Walking Street and had a beer together and then a second. The tourist at one point noticed the ladyboy shaking his beer bottle!!!!

Now for anyone with half a brain this would be a big red flag right??? Not in the case of this tourist! No sir! When the tourist asked the ladyboy what she was doing she said that she was “cleaning the bottle!” Hahahha……

The tourist unbelievably accepted the explanation and took a nice big swig of his stirred up beer. Moments later he passes out like a cold fish. He was only out for 15 minutes but by then his ATM card was gone and let’s not forget the idiot gave the ladyboy the PIN number. Also missing was a gold ring worth 8,000 New Zealand Dollars, a gold necklace worth 3,000 New Zealand Dollars and 10,200 Baht in cash.

Commentary: Welcome to Pattaya pal! If anyone has a story this week that illustrates a bigger fool please let me know. For now this guy wins the prize hands down!!!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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