Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Of The Most Important Things I Carry When Bar Hopping...

One of the most important things that I always carry with me when I’m bar hopping in Bangkok or Pattaya after hours isn’t a pocket full of condoms or bar girl toys. (Although I do carry plenty of both). No, one of the most important things I carry in my cargo pants pocket is a mini-notepad!

I have the tendency to hit a dozen different gogo bars and after hours clubs each and every night. That means I’m seeing somewhere between 200 – 300 different girls easily. Damn if I can keep track and remember their names or which bar I met the girl in.

My solution? The mini-notepad. When I see a girl or girls on stage that I really like I whip out the notepad and mark down the badge number of the dancer and which bar I saw her in. That way when I’m heading back to the bar again later or the next night all I have to do is open the notepad and get to the page on Baccara, Billboard or Spanky’s for example and find a number. Then I wave the server girl or mamasan over and ask them if the dancer with that number is still there and to bring her over to me.

It’s just a matter of being as efficient as possible with my bar fine time. It works for me…..

 - Bangkok After Hours

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