Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why I Like Green Banana’s Versus Yellow Ones…

My first morning in Bangkok I always head straight to Villa Market. At the top of my shopping list is beer, tequila and vodka. Also on my list is a bunch of green bananas. No not to eat. I buy the largest green bananas that I can find because they make cheap and handy sex toys to use with lesbian bar girls!

Why do I prefer green bananas over yellow? Look at it like this. The unripe green bananas are like a bar monger on Viagra. They stay firm and hard a whole lot longer! Besides you might not need them for a day or two. If you buy yellow bananas you pretty much have to use them right away before they turn to mush.

I’ll never forget the Windmill gogo showgirl that gave me an over ripe yellow banana to use on her friend on the play mat. The over ripe banana quickly turned into the consistency of banana pudding. Kinky as I might be, I wasn’t about to use a spoon to take a bite from that bowl… Even I draw a line that I don’t cross from time to time…

Green bananas – The gift at Christmas that gives as good as it gets…..

Think about that when you’re bar fining a dancer in Pattaya or Bangkok Christmas Eve!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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