Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

5 Russians Scammed Out of 113,000 Baht in Pattaya..

From the Pattaya Daily News is the story of 5 Russians that claim they were the victims of a 113,000 Baht jet ski scam on Pattaya Beach Saturday January 25th. The 5 Russians all rented jet skis and when the returned to the beach the jet ski operators claimed all 5 of the jet ski’s had been damaged. During the negotiations over the supposed damages 2 men who were dressed similar to police appeared and threatened the Russians with arrest if they didn’t pay the 113,000 Baht for damages.

Later the tourists made a report to Pattaya Police and it was determined the 2 men dressed like Police were municipal officers of Pattaya City. Police will further investigate so that they can hear the jet ski operators side of the story.

Commentary: Hmmmm…. Wow. What a coincidence. Rent 5 jet ski’s and they all come back with damage? What are the odd’s? Apparently 100% if you rent the ski off Pattaya Beach. Maybe I’m wrong but municipal officers from Pattaya City? Isn’t that a fancy way of saying those are the guys responsible for emptying the garbage cans on the beach?

 - Bangkok After Hours

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