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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Japanese Bra Maker Invents “Electronic True Love Bra”…

Leave it to the Japanese to develop what amounts to an electronic chastity bra for women seeking true love. That’s right they call it the “True Love Bra” and it features an electronic clasp that will only unhook if the women is showing true love for your affections. If so an app on a smart phone will get the message “Bra unlocked” and the electronic bra clasp unlocks spilling the goodies.

Let’s hope the dancers in the bars of Bangkok and Pattaya never get these. If they did us guys would never see any tit’s again… Lol.. But then again I bet it wouldn’t be long until some 18 year old Russian hacker develops an app that you could download to your smart phone that would send a jamming signal to pop open all the bra’s at the same time. Now that would be amusing.
For those still unhappily married guys in the west I can just see the trouble that would start when the wives starting buying these. The poor saps would never see breasts again…. Lol.

But fear not! For now it’s just a prototype and they don’t have any plans to actually sell these chastity bra’s.

Check out the video….

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