Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Cable Locks for Your Suitcase…

Over my years of traveling to Bangkok I’ve had to purchase several suitcase locks. Why? Because the quality of the damn things regardless of name brand are so damn cheap! For my last trip in April I had 2 suitcase locks break or malfunction. One lock literally fell apart in my hands. Another lock jammed and I couldn’t get the combination dials to turn. As a result I’ve been on a crusade of late to research and find better quality suitcase locks before I travel again. 

I finally settled on combination cable locks from Lewis N Clark. They had over 200 customer reviews which were far more than any other brand of lock and the majority of the reviews were positive. So I went ahead and placed an order last week and the locks arrived yesterday. One thing I like is the cable lock has a ball on the end of it. It’s much more secure than the regular suitcase locks that feature a smooth metal clasp. The other benefit is that I can take 2 cable locks and secure the zippers to the suitcase handle.

These features mean your average maid or luggage handler at the airport isn’t going to just pop the zipper or pry the lock open with just a ballpoint pen. I still wouldn’t pack diamonds in my suitcase but at least I feel better that my extra LED watches will still be there when I open my suitcase at my destination!

 - Bangkok After Hours

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