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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maid Proofing Your Suitcase to Prevent Theft…

One of my pet peeves is that most suitcases are about as secure as a wet paper bag even when you have a lock on them. Most of my readers have probably seen the YouTube video’s that show how easy a fresh from Issan maid or baggage handler at the airport can pop open the zipper on a fabric suitcase with just the tip of a ballpoint pen. (If you haven’t seen it you should!)

Then the thief reaches in and removes your iPad and other valuable’s before running the zipper clasp back down resealing the bag. You can add a locking luggage strap but they are notorious for being able to work the strap loose.  Once the strap is loose then the zipper on the suitcase can be popped and you can still lose anything of value.
So what is a traveler to do? A couple of trips to Bangkok ago I switched to hard shell suitcases. Now you can put a luggage strap on these too but again the straps can be worked loose.

Well I came up with the solution. See the attached photo. First I adjusted the luggage strap snug around my suitcase. Then I applied a layer of super glue on the inside part of the strap where it folds over itself. I applied the super glue in 2 places. Before and after the combination lock. Now when the strap is set on the suitcase it’s impossible for sticky finger maids or baggage handlers to work the strap loose. Not going to happen.
Now the strap could be cut off for sure but at least it’s more secure than the paper bag that it was before which in most cases is enough to discourage the quick snatch thieves so that they’ll look for an easier suitcase to steal from! In other words any sticky finger maid will most likely leave your suitcase alone and steal something from the guy in the next room with a fabric suitcase and no locking strap that’s been superglued so it can’t come loose!

A tube of superglue and a locking luggage strap is cheap security! It won’t keep out a professional thief or anyone with some tools but at least you’ve secured it against the maid with the ballpoint pen.

 - Bangkok After Hours

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