Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Russian & Ladyboy Fight Over 300 Baht….

I love this story that I read from Pattaya People about an altercation that took place on Soi 16 on Walking Street back in December of last year. Police were called and when they arrived they found a 28 year old Russian fighting with a 22 year old ladyboy. Both were taken back to the Police station to sort things out. The ladyboy stated that the Russian had agreed to pay 1,000 Baht for some short time fun with the ladyboy and they soon went off to a rented room to watch a nature documentary on TV. (Insert laugh track here).

After watching TV and finishing what other personal business that they had agreed to the drama began. The Russian refused to pay the 300 Baht for the rented room! Police Officers listened to both parties and then wisely decided to fine both the ladyboy and the Russian for wasting their time! (Insert louder laugh track). However this didn’t end the melodrama as the ladyboy now wanted compensation for his broken nose as the ladyboy claimed he had recently undergone surgical treatment to look prettier.

Commentary: There are cheap Charlies and then there are cheap Russians. He went for the bargain basement 1,000 Baht short time with a Walking Street ladyboy and then refused to cough up 300 Baht for the rented room? LOL….  Oh and for his troubles? His visit with the ladyboy to the police station was filmed and uploaded to YouTube. His mom and dad must be so proud. LOL…..

 - Bangkok After Hours

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